In 2016, Aldi announced they might be phasing out the sale of eggs from hens restricted to cages by 2025, however within the meantime, you may have to watch out if you need to get eggs from responsibly raised hens at Aldi. At the moment, Aldi carries a couple of completely different choices when it comes to eggs, and whereas there are free vary eggs out there at many areas, Aldi says they “respond to customer demand.”

In accordance to what Ethical Consumer discovered, although, the lower-priced eggs Aldi shares are “enriched cage” eggs, which is barely a slight enchancment over the tight confinement and merciless situations suffered by hens pressured to reside within the battery cages many locations have outlawed. Should you’re in search of one thing cruelty-free, be extra-careful when choosing up your Aldi eggs.