On this very information, I’ll talk about one of the vital used assaults these days, the GoBoLaLoon assault.It’s an overpowered technique at TH9 and infrequently used at TH10 – I’ve additionally seen this assault at TH11. Now, a few of chances are you’ll ask – Why GoBoLaLoon? Why not LaLoon/GoLaLoon? Though iit’sa very fashionable technique now,s ome of you may be pondering, What’s GoBoLaLoon? Properly, I’m right here to reply this questions and I’m positive on the finish of this information, hardly anybody of you’ll have any doubt about GoBoLaLoon.

Why GoboLaLoon as an alternative of LaLoon/GoLaLoon?

As a lot as I’ve seen, since 2015 LaLoon is probably the most used assault of TH9 and onwards. The primary standards is to deal with air defenses and tank with the Lava Hounds for the Balloons.You possibly can take a closer look here. Two of the most harmful threats to LaLoon are:

  1. Defending AQ and
  2. Defending CC troops.

There comes the concept of GoLaLoon – you may take out the defending AQ and CC troops together with 1 or 2 AD and begin your LavaLoon simply (I’ll do a information on GoLaLoon in close to future for you guys).

I want GoBoLaLoon as an alternative of GoLaLoon, due to the Bowler’s capacity of splash damaging two constructing in a straight line subsequent to one another. This can enable you to to dig deeper right into a base and generally you may take out a 3rd Air Protection (and even the 4th one in uncommon instances).

How GoBoLaLoon Works

If you happen to don’t know what GoBoLaLoon is, Its only a modified model of LaLoon and GoLaLoon which requires Golems(GO), Bowlers(BO), Lava Hound(LA) and Balloons.

The primary standards of this assault technique is to take out 2 Air Defenses, the defending AQ and defending CC troops together with your kill squad which incorporates your Golem(s), some Wizards, Heroes and Bowlers. For TH10 and TH11, It’ll be nice should you can take out an Inferno Tower (or each) and/or the Eagle Artillery.

Then you may merely begin your LavaLoon and clear up the remainder with a few of your clear up Wizards, Archers, Goblins and so on.

Which Townhall ranges does Gobolaloon work?

Important Function of this assault technique:

Clan Conflict.This technique wants a variety of in-depth scouting and it’s not appropriate for each base so I like to recommend to not use this for Trophy Pushing.

Professionals of GoBoLaLoon:

  1. Extraordinarily overpowered at Th9 and works superb sufficient at  TH10 and TH11
  2. When you’ve practiced sufficient, you’ll hardly get a 1 or 2 star however go for the 3-Star victory

Cons of GoBoLaLoon:

  1. Wants increased ranges of each of the heroes(AQ is a must have)
  2. Wants maxed stage of Golem, Balloon and Hound relying in your Townhall stage.

Troop Composition For GoBoLaLoon

For City Corridor 9:

  • 1/2 Golem(relying on the wideness of your funnel)
  • 6 Wizards
  • 3-Four Wall breakers(relying on the extent of your WB)
  • 2 lava hounds
  • 12-14 Balloons
  • Replenish with Archers
  • Bowlers in Clan Citadel(Max)

For City Corridor 10 / City Corridor 11:

  • 2 Golems(One within the CC,If not taking Lava hound)
  • 5-6 Bowlers( Of Stage 2 at Th10 and Stage 3 at Th11)
  • Four-6 Wizards
  • 3-Four WBs(Relying on the Stage)
  • 2 Lava Hounds(One within the CC if not taking Golem)
  • Replenish with Loons and Archers
  • Max Golem/Lava Hound(Relying on which half you’re prioritizing probably the most, the Kill Squad/The LavaLoon)

Spell Compositions For GoBoLaLoon

For City Corridor 9:

  • 1 Poison in CC (as max as potential) to take care of the CC troops.
  • 1 Heal spell, to assist your kill squad deal injury some for extra time.
  • 1 Leap spell if there’s many compartments within the base. In any other case you may change it with A Rage spell.
  • 1 or 2 Rage Spell. Your Rage can push the kill squad deep and do some severe injury. When you have and Additional rage as an alternative of the Leap(/Heal), apply it to your loons once they attain the core to take care of Excessive HP buildings(Like X-Bows).
  • Replenish with Haste spells to your Loons.

For City Corridor 10 / City Corridor 11:

  • 1 bounce spell
  • 1 or 2 Rage spells
  • 1 Freeze spell(Change it with a Rage or 2 haste spells in case you are a Th11 and your freeze shouldn’t be maxed
  • Relaxation Haste spells( 1 poison for Th11)
  • Max Poison (If TH10), Max Rage/Freeze (if Th11) in CC.

This isn’t the one variation for GoBoLaLoon.You can also make modifications relying on the bottom you’re attacking. You possibly can exchange a Golem with Loons or a Hound in case of TH9 and With Bowlers, Loons/A Hound in case of TH10/TH11.

GoBoLaLoon Step by Step

Now that you’ve all the information and your military cooked up, let’s check out the steps of this technique. I’ll break this into two elements

  1. Kill Squad and
  2. 2.LavaLoon

Now, we’ll discuss in regards to the steps.

Half 1: The Kill Squad

The Important a part of your assault is that this half. You must take advantage of your kill squad or your assault can finish earlier than it even begins. So, let’s see what you bought to do:

  • A. Creating the funnel
  • B. Deploying your BK, AQ and Bowlers
  • C. Utilizing the spells accurately

A. Creating the Funnel

That is a very powerful a part of any assault as you may’t get your kill squad right into a base if the funneling shouldn’t be right. All the time select the appropriate aspect to start your assault, You must take out the defending AQ and CC Troops so selecting a aspect from the place you may have an easy accessibility to them would be the best choice for you. To create a funnel, you’ll be needing your Golem(s) and a few Wizards.

Let’s take an instance to make myself extra clear.

gobolaloon 3 star attacking guide

As you may see on this base, this base doesn’t want a large funnel so I simply used one Golem and changed the opposite with Loons. I selected the higher proper aspect, as a result of from that aspect I had a direct entry to the defending AQ and The CC troops will come out ultimately. Now, you’ve to deploy the Golem the place it’ll distract a lot of the defenses to your wizards to create your funnel.

B. Deploying Your Kill Squad

After a profitable funneling, you’re good to deploy your wall breakers to interrupt the primary layer of the wall (at all times depart a single wall breaker earlier than you deploy all of them to examine if there’s any bomb or Large bomb and in addition watch out of splash injury buildings).Then simply deploy your BK(On this

Then simply deploy your BK (On this assault, I didn’t use the BK because it was upgrading), adopted by the AQ and Bowlers. Drop the poison spell(s) on the CC troops.


C. Utilizing the Spells correctly

As soon as the CC is triggered drop the poison spell(s) on them.Then you must rage your military by way of the compartments you selected to open together with your Leap Spell. Heal your troops with the heal spell, if TH9. Within the case of a TH10/11, the therapeutic might be ineffective underneath the impact of the Infernos. Though you need to use a heal in case your kill squad doesn’t counter an Inferno (Bear in mind, Keep away from countering with each infernos at a time!). It’s also possible to use a heal spell in your loons to avoid wasting them from splash injury.gobolaloon kill squad deployment

Half 2: The LaLoon

After your kill squad has performed their job, drop the loons surgically (2-3 per protection), guarded by your hounds and Adopted by your Warden should you’re a Th11. Drop Haste spells as wanted. Utilizing them earlier than countering a Wizard tower is beneficial.

3 star attacking at clan war

Drop a rage and use Grand Warden’s Everlasting Tome when the Loons are within the core of the bottom. Use the freeze to counter Inferno/Eagle Artillery. See how you need to use Freeze spell correctly right here:

And after this drop your cleanup troops and that’s the way you 3 star with GoBoLaLoon.


This assault technique could be very a lot op. Even in TH11, you’ll see a variety of loons wandering across the base. However for that spectacular outcome, you’ve to maintain working towards!

Use pleasant challenges earlier than you make a struggle assault because it’s not a straightforward technique. All in all, as soon as you’re performed working towards, you’re capable of get straight 3-Star assaults performed.