This information will probably be all in regards to the new Th10 & TH11 attacking Technique which was dropped at mild by two occasions CWL Champions “Dark Looters” – Sure guys, I’m speaking in regards to the CloneBone (DragLoon with Clone spell). Earlier than, the June 2017 replace, the Clone Spell was the least used Elixir spell as a result of gamers couldn’t get a lot worth out of it for it’s Four spell cupboard space. Nonetheless, after the buff and a brand new degree added, it’s now getting used with Dragons and Balloons extra continuously which made this new technique a highly regarded one among the many TH10 & TH11 gamers who’re devoted to Clan War. Now, I’ll break this technique into some little components so that you simply guys can perceive why this one is now trending.

How CloneBone works

This technique works finest towards these bases which have offset Air Defenses. As you possibly can see you’ll be capable of take out a few ADs along with your AQ and BK(with some wizards). And the opposite ones could be handled straight-targeting Balloons with the assistance of Rage/Haste spells.

how clonebone works in clash of clans

However this doesn’t imply you can’t assault these bases which have extra like centralized Air Defenses that may’t be accessed with solely Heroes as this instance right here

how clonebone works alternative coc

In these circumstances, your Heroes could be used for Funneling in order that your Dragons go straight into the bottom. When you’ve correctly handled the ADs with minimal loss, different defenses gained’t be capable of cease you from getting a 3 Star victory.

Which Townhall Ranges does CloneBone work?

Townhall 10 & 11

Professional’s of CloneBone

  • Very efficient technique for 11v10 dips these days
  • Extraordinarily highly effective on these bases which have offset ADs

Con’s of CloneBone

  • Extra a Clan War Technique, utilizing it for Trophy Pushing wants typically longer looking for bases you need to use it towards
  • Extraordinarily Expensive on Elixir
  • Max Degree of Clone spell wanted in case you’re a TH11

Principal Objective of This Technique

  1. Clan warfare.This technique is principally used for 11v10 dips, 11v11 & 10v10 triples. Nonetheless, this technique can be used for 10v11 doubles on sure varieties of bases.
  2. Trophy Pushing. You may as well use this technique for Trophy pushing as a Th10(/11). However utilizing this technique above Titan league is advisable because the excessive quantity of loot bonus which can compensate this military’s excessive elixir price. In decrease Leagues you in all probability have a loss on Elixir continuously.

Military Composition for CloneBone

  • Eight-10 Dragons
  • Eight-12 Balloons
  • Max Lava Hound and 1Max Balloon within the CC

You possibly can substitute a Dragon with 3-Four Wizards to again up your Barbarian King. The BK will tank for them whereas the Wizards can take out half offset AD(s), relying on the bottom design. AQ doesn’t want any backup troop for her ranged assault type. Nonetheless, a Large can be utilized to absorb some preliminary hits. You may as well take some Wall Breakers (relying on the extent) to interrupt partitions for her if there’s an AD beneath partitions making it out of her vary.

All in all, be clever about what you select since you ought to know what you’re doing.

Spell Composition For CloneBone

  • 1 Clone spell
  • 3 Rage spell
  • 1 Poison or Haste spell
  • 1 Haste(if Th10)/ Rage (If Th11)

When and The best way to use your Clone Spell

The Clone spell is what differentiate this technique from a traditional DragLoon. This spell wants excellent timing and ideal utilization to get a lot of the worth out of it. Now, there’s solely two form of troops which you’ll be able to and it’s essential to clone: Dragons and Balloons. I’ll present you the way and when to make use of it.

Cloning Dragons:

Cloning Dragons is just advisable when you’ve got a maxed Clone Spell which is degree 5. It will possibly clone as a lot as 40 troop area which can create two extra Dragons within the battlefield. Now, there’s one factor that each one of you won’t know is, cloned troops keep in battlefield for a restricted period of time, so it wants excellent timing to make use of. Should you use it too early, your cloned Dragons can disappear earlier than even reaching the core. All the time use the Clone spell if you’re within the core so as to add extra firepower.

Yet another factor, at all times clone your main Dragon as a result of cloned Dragons are destined to vanish from the battle, you’ll need them to tank/die to your actual Dragons since they’re those who will probably be cleansing up the bottom ultimately.

Cloning Balloons:

The extent of your clone doesn’t actually matter as it might probably clone 5-Eight loons relying on the extent. Now, you possibly can clone loons in numerous conditions, like:

  1. clonebone setupSuppose there are half Offset ADs which could be straight focused with loons (as you possibly can see within the picture). Then, you possibly can drop your CC Lava Hound and Loon and clone the only Loon. With the assistance of a Haste/Rage spell and the Hound as their tank, Loons will take out a number of defenses simply. Generally you gained’t want that Hound to tank them.
  2. In case you’re coping with a Single Goal Inferno which could be lethal for Drags, you possibly can clone your Loon(s) proper earlier than countering it. Underneath the Rage/Haste Spell, they may overpower the Inferno Tower(s) (Nonetheless in case you’re coping with a multi-target inferno, Cloning Drags would be the best choice as Drags overpower the Multi-target Infernos).
  3. You may as well clone your loons when Drags are busy Coping with Excessive HP buildings and there are too many defenses focusing on them.

CloneBone Step by Step

With all that being mentioned guys, let’s take a look at how this assault truly works. Let’s take these two bases as instance

As you possibly can see, Base 1 has offset ADs and Base 2 has centralized ADs (though they’re on one facet of the bottom). Principally, you’ll see these two varieties of AD placement in numerous layouts so, I’ll present you what to do if you’re coping with them.

Base 1:

another base to attack with CloneBone


In this type of bases, your Heroes needs to be caring for half ADs (the extra, the higher). Your BK, AQ and a few Wizards are a part of the primary a part of your assault, as you possibly can see, The BK is deployed round 3 o’clock to tank for these wizards who will take out the first AD. Now, the proper funnel made the BK go to 2 o’clock the place the 2nd AD is and the AQ will probably be deployed. She then will maintain that AD after which drags are good to go.base to attack with CloneBone

Deploying your DragLoon:

Dragons, adopted by Balloons (and Grand Warden in case you’re a TH11), ought to at all times be deployed the place a lot of the air focusing on defenses are. As on this one, the attacker selected to assault from the north-west facet.

use clone spell in clan war clonebone 2017 strategy

Now there are a few ADs nonetheless intact on the opposite facet. Effectively, you’ve acquired your CC troop to take care of these. Whereas your Drags are decimating the core, your lava hound adopted by some loons (on this assault, the attacker used the clone spell on the CC loon which created extra loons to assist the Lava Hound as in Case#1), will take out another defenses. Drop Rage/Haste spells as wanted.Now that you simply’ve taken care of all of the ADs, your drags ought to maintain the remainder.

3 Star CloneBone

Base 2:

bases to attack with clonebone in clan wars

In this type of bases, your heroes needs to be used for funneling which can forestall the drags from being distracted by any exterior construction. As you possibly can see I’ve deployed my Heroes on each side of the bases to clear up some trash.

attacking with clonebone

Now that you simply’ve made your funnel, deploy your dragons, spam your loons behind them and drop the CC hound to tank for your entire troops adopted by your Grand Warden (in case you’re a TH11). The Grand Warden means, Everlasting Tome, needs to be used correctly to get the preliminary stage of your assault accomplished with minimal loss. You possibly can take a better look right here to examine how to get most value from the Grand Warden here.

heroes with clone spell

Now, if you find yourself in the course of the bottom Drop your Clone spell on Drag/Loons as wanted. Drop Rage Spells and Haste spells correctly to assist your troops do extra harm in much less time.

3 Star with CloneBone

You’re accomplished along with your assault and in case you’ve accomplished it proper, you’ll get away with a triple.


Guys, CWL Season 3 is now occurring and each clan is getting excellent outcomes with this assault. Discovering it’s origin on CWL Season 2 Finals, it’s now probably the most used 11v10 dip technique. Though, 11v10 dips doesnt want a lot rationalization as I’ve already defined 11v11, right here’s a video which is simply filled with 11v10 dip assaults with this technique

Nonetheless, in case you’re going for a 10v11 double with this technique, let me let you know that the standards needs to be the identical. Deal with these ADs that it’s essential to to be able to get your dragons to the TH for a 2-star victory. With some expertise and good scouting expertise, you’ll absolutely be capable of do this. Now, with all that being mentioned, please remark down beneath to let me know the way’d you want my information and in case you’ve any questions. I’ll absolutely get to all of you. Peace out.