AMD is working double-time to ensure Ryzen is the top performer in the most popular AAA titles today. It’s teamed up with over 300+ developers to help optimize their Zen core CPUs in order to attain maximum performance at 1080p resolution.

AMD Ryzen

In a Q/A session on Reddit, AMD CEO Lisa Su revealed that Ashes of Singularity, the first game to come out with DirectX 12 support, and Total War: Warhammer are among the games which are to receive patches to benefit Ryzen’s performance.

The primary objective is improved 1080p performance as according to Su, Ryzen is performing well at both 1440p and 4K:

“Ryzen is doing really well in 1440p and 4K gaming when the applications are more graphics bound” explained Su. “And we do exceptionally well in rendering and workstation applications where more cores are really useful. In 1080p, we have tested over 100+ titles in the labs…. And depending on the test conditions, we do better in some games and worse in others. We hear people on wanting to see improved 1080p performance and we fully expect that Ryzen performance in 1080p will only get better as developers get more time with “Zen”. We have over 300+ developers now working with “Zen” and several of the developers for Ashes of Singularity and Total Warhammer are actively optimizing now”

In regards to poor competitive performance using SMT, Dr. Lisa said that some games are using code which is optimized for their rivals and hence Ryzen is suffering from performance dips. However AMD is working a way around this. No graphics driver can change this because it strictly related with CPU scheduling.

You can read the entire thread here on Reddit. What are you thoughts on this update? How much performance improvement do you expect in your everyday games? Let us know!