“Anti 3-Star Bases” are a label that has been around a lot, but I recognize that many still use them incorrectly. In this post I want to clarify what the purpose of Anti 3-Star bases is, why trophy bases aren’t useful in Clan War, the difference between a trophy base and a clan war base layout and, finally, give you some solid Anti 3-Star Base Layouts for Clan Wars.

Why Anti 3-Star Bases

I think the most common mistake I see is that many people think that a good trophy base is automatically a good base for Clan War. This is wrong, because the purpose is completely different:

  • A Trophy Base should defend successfully from time to time to win some trophies.
  • A Clan War Base – or Anti 3-Star Base – should prevent all 3 Stars lost in Clan War.

So, both are defending trophies – it’s absolutely ok that many think that they are the same.

The truth is, that the concept is completely different:

  • A Trophy Base works because the attacker has no replays and a very limited scouting time. Also, the attacker has to use the army he brought and can’t cook a special army for attacking this specific base.
  • An Anti 3-Star Base makes it easy to get 1 Star, often with the offset Town Hall, but that fact also makes it impossible for an Anti 3-Star base to win even a single attack. The strength of this base is that it’s extremely hard to get the third star.

I hope you see the difference. Your Trophy Base should always protect your Town Hall and hopefully an attacker makes a mistake so you can win back some trophies. In Clan War it’s very unlikely that the attacker fails on that base, because he has so much time to prepare for the attack and might even have a replay to see a mistake and correct it. You will need to give away the 2 Star more easily to the attacker and in return make it very hard to get the 3 Star attack. Most Clan Wars nowadays are won by the number of 3 Star attacks.

What Makes A Clan War Base A Good Anti 3-Star Base?

Anti 3-Star bases start becoming a factor from Town Hall 8 (rarely) to Town Hall 11. Lower Town Hall levels simply can’t make an Anti 3-Star base due to the lack of buildings and walls. Simply because nobody scored 3 Stars against your current War Base doesn’t mean it’s an Anti 3-Star base. The classical definition of an Anti 3-Star Base has these features:

  1. Offset Town Hall that literally any attacker can get
  2. Often some dead zones
  3. Wide spread inside compartments with many locations for double Giant Bombs
  4. Hard to lure Clan Castle
  5. Difficult to get Heroes taken down separately (especially the Archer Queen)

Before we now have a look at some real anti 3-Star bases. I can recommend you this video from PowerBang. It’s about 1 year old and quite long, but worth watching if you want to see some deeper explanations and analysis of Clan War bases: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Piijt4gyHCA One more thing that speaks against trophy bases is that the Preparation Day is not showing the real war base until the Battle Day starts. Every player knows common trophy base designs from regular multiplayer matches and already has some concepts to beat certain bases.

Time Is Key in Clan War

Maybe you already heard that the real currency in Clash of Clans is time? You can make the time work for you in defense – the attacker will have to not only overcome your defenses and your setup but also the 3 minutes of time to do that. A very common way to make the attacker run out od time is having buildings in the corners of your war base. This will take additional time for him to clear them off, time that often enough makes the difference between a 2 Star or a 3 Star. I think we all have been running out of time while our troops already had all defenses down and only needed to clear up the base.

I admit the corner structures are not the freshest trick in the world and many attackers simply bring some single Archer which they deploy in each corner that will finish these buildings off. That’s why I started doing this a while ago: anti 3 star clan war trick That’s right! I just set a Skeleton Trap next to one or two of the corners. This has an amazing effect! From time to time I see this happening on the first attack:

  • The attacker deploys the Archer, the Skeletons take that out and in the end the attacker has to clear the Builder Hut anyway. In the meantime he often already moved his screen away from the scene to make the attack
  • The attacker has to invest more troops and time to clear of the Skeletons. That’s annoying for him and also might interrupt his battle plan and buy me an additional 10-15 seconds

You can also put that to another level along with a Hidden Tesla (low level) anti hog rider war base

Anti 3-Star Base Layouts Town Hall 8 to Town Hall 11 with Bomb Tower

Let’s take a look at some Anti 3-Star bases. One word of caution before, please re-arrange the traps when you use them, otherwise you might see opponents that will already know the base. One very important fact of an Anti 3-Star base is that it’s not an exact copy from a base you found on the internet:

Anti 3-Star War Base TH8

This Town Hall 8 Base is a classic Anti 3-Star Base. The Air Defenses are hard to reach (against mass Dragon attacks that are still popular at TH8) and the Clan Castle is hard to lure.town hall 8 war base anti dragons In case the attacker wants to use Hog Riders he will face multiple possible double Giant Bomb locations and attacking with Hog Riders will turn out to be a bad idea.th8 war base layout bomb tower anti hog goho govaho An instant 3-Star attack on this base is very unlikely.

Anti 3-Star War Base TH9

This Town Hall 9 Anti 3-Star base features the big compartments on the inside that will make it hard for troops to pass by fast and slows down tanks a lot.anti 3 star th9 war base anti hog anti valkyrie The outside defenses will funnel luring troops away from the Clan Castle and an unexperienced attacker will waste a lot of troops trying to lure the CC troops. Also, the double Giant Bomb locations hold off Hog Rider attacks.

Anti 3-Star War Base TH10

This is quite a difficult base to attack because the attacker will have to fight spread-out compartments. Funneling from the outside will be difficult; as well as getting the Archer Queen or the defending Clan Castle troops.th10 anti 3 star war base layout with bomb tower The Storages work as bulkheads against the attacker because the high hitpoints will burn up some time.

Anti 3-Star War Base TH11

In Town Hall 11 the dead zone is a very common way to protect the last Star. This prevents Bowlers or Valkyries from targeting the core and getting the 3rd Star (as well as the 2nd star).bomb tower th11 war base layout This one here is also working great with the wide ranges inside the base: th10 anti 3 star war base layout with bomb tower


I hope you get the point of real Anti 3-Star bases and understand why trophy bases are not useful in Clan Wars at all. Also, using your Trophy Base in Clan War is a huge disadvantage because the attacker might see it during Preparation Day. Thanks for editing: EnchinsuOcha