girl with spinning hair, happy woman, feminism, feminist poetry
Jessica Bristow

I’m a lady
so I need to flit
the road between
delicate and
like a flower turned
to the solar however plucked
from the earth I’m
imagined to be lovely
however dependent
sturdy however needy.
I’m imagined to be the stem
severed from its roots
to be positioned
in a vase that brightens
your room and sure I’m
lovely however I’m extra
than only a ornament
dancing its petals
within the wind. I’m bones
and flesh and hair and eyes
that shine. I stand on
my very own two toes within the floor
the place I used to be discovered. The place I
was planted. I’m
not meant to be pulled
poked prodded positioned
the place you see match.
Ladies are informed
to be brave however cautious
realizing however needy, conscious
however all the time awaiting
somebody’s love, somebody’s hand
pulling us from the earth however
I don’t need to be the form of
girl who waits
Who depends
who wills her needs away
to be a reasonably bud in a windowsill.
I’m a lady
however I cannot flit between
delicate and empowered.
I cannot grace the vase
in your bedside desk.
One can find me roots and stem
shining in the direction of my very own solar

You’re a wild and delightful factor.
You will need to all the time bear in mind
the distinction between being liked
and tamed.

I need to know what you see
once you take a look at me.
Is it brown eyes, looking out
your face? Is it a smile, pulling
you nearer? Is it legs and arms,
muscular tissues and curves?
Do you are feeling threatened
by the best way I stroll
with my head straight, gazed fastened
and unwavering?
Whenever you take a look at me,
do you see mascara on my eyelashes?
Blush on my cheeks? Trainers on my toes?
Whenever you take a look at me,
do you see fingers with silver rings,
manicured and delicate?
Do you see callouses from work,
a smudge of filth on my knee, scuffed
soles from the locations I’ve wandered?

As a result of once you take a look at me,
I need you to see fierceness and style.
I need you to see arms, worn
from each labor and love.
I need you to see legs, sturdy
from the paths I’ve walked
and the burdens I’ve carried.
I need you to see a coronary heart
massive and beating
and shining boldly by means of my smile.
Whenever you take a look at me,
I don’t need you to simply see
lady, girl, feminine, fairly.
I don’t need you to simply see
curves, muscular tissues, quick, sturdy.
I don’t need you to simply see
chest, again, lashes, legs.
I need you to see the place I’ve come from
and who I’ve develop into,
the laughter from my lips
and the faraway look in my eyes
after I begin to bear in mind what I’ve misplaced.
I need you to really feel the heat of my pores and skin,
contact my physique along with your fingertips.
I need you to know I’m not only a girl,
a human, a physique. However a pressure,
an power, a soul.
I need you to know
we’re so completely different,
so complicated,
so disconnected.

However I need you to take a look at me
and see we’re the identical.

A robust girl is a feared girl.
I hope your knees shake
once you see me.

If a lady is a plant
then tear that cactus out of the sand.
I need to be one thing lovely,
however sassy. One thing with roots.
I’m greater than only a fairly face
so perhaps one thing like a rose. Seductive
velvet petals. That earthy scent. However thorns
the place you’d least count on them.
Or perhaps a sunflower. One thing massive. Daring. Yellow.
Thick stem not thick cranium. I might stand tall
wherever I wander. I might inform these farmer boys
they’re mistaken. I’m fairly. I’m sturdy.
On second thought, I’ll be that rattling cactus.
Carry my weight and water with me. Hold
what I’ve discovered inside. Hold it below sturdy pores and skin.
I gained’t fear about being fairly. I’ll present these spikes
like scars of the place I’ve been. And I’ll develop a flower.
If I need to. Develop the place I’m least anticipated. Develop
the place the sand burns and bare soles are too scared to wander.
There, I’ll develop.

I’m a lady. I’m delicate. I maintain my coronary heart out in my palm and let others contact the nice and cozy floor. I pay attention with my eyes closed and let tales wash over my pores and skin like rain. I communicate my feelings to life, allow them to run wild like horses by means of an open subject. I don’t worry or maintain again.

I’m delicate. I’ve discovered to like like I’m malleable as a result of love doesn’t keep nonetheless and stiff. I attempt to be light and type, fill my coronary heart with the spirit of endurance. I belief as a result of I don’t know the way to not. I care as a result of to feign indifference makes my chest ache.

I have no idea how you can love with much less, how you can be chilly and distant, how you can maintain others at arm’s size. I’m a lady with a giant coronary heart – I’m delicate and never afraid to like.

However I’m additionally sturdy.

My physique is fluid, dancing to the rhythm of the songs on the radio, buzzing within the mild of the solar. My laughter flirts with the wind; my voice will get misplaced within the clouds.

My coronary heart is highly effective, a deep beat quickening with each measured step, pumping sooner as I pursue all that I imagine in and look after.
I really like wildly, however not naively. I care passionately, however all the time purposely. I’m delicate, but in addition sturdy.

Candy lady, you’re greater than a lady.
You’re legs, voices, attitudes of those that got here earlier than you
and of the infants you’ll sooner or later bear.
You’re grandmother’s smile and aunty’s do-it-yourself dumpling soup.
You’re the pearls within the jewellery field and the fitness center footwear by the door.
You’re a thoughts that cussed and fun that’s contagious,
your mom’s calloused arms and the shyness of your sister.
You’re the complexions and statures the graceful
the spherical the thin the lanky. You’re
each colour, a chunk of every girl you’ve ever identified
or spoken to or been impressed by or liked. You carry
every of them with you. You’re all of them. You’re the voice
that speaks, the ear that listens. Males will name and cat-call
and whistle and wait. You may open your thoughts or your legs
and particularly our personal doorways. If you wish to. You’re arms
that file papers, that drive automobiles, that ship infants,
that put meals on the desk. You’re sturdy and large
and too sturdy and an excessive amount of and horny and delightful
and mild and wild. You’re like flowers, like fruit,
like medication, like desires. Seductive. Terrifying.
You’re traces of poetry, phrases not but spoken, histories
and tales and recipes written on crinkled paper.
You’re breasts, eyes, fingers, toes, mouths.
You’re greater than only a girl. You’re a world. TC mark