There are a tons of weird myths out there how a proper farming base layout has to be since the farming strategy with an exposed Town Hall is not working anymore. If you’re looking for a pure farming base layout to use in Clash of Clans, you’re at the right spot here. The good news is – it’s still possible to have a good farming base.

Town Hall Inside Farming Base Design

Let’s start with some things you will have to achieve with a farming base to make it a good farming base:

  1. You don’t want the attacker to get many resources
  2. You want that you get a shield from the attack (or defense, from your perspective)

This means we will need a base that will:

  • Protect our resources
  • Forces the attacker to destroy our village for at least 30% (otherwise we won’t get a shield)
  • The attacker needs to use at least 33% of his full army housing space avalable (or we won’t get a shield)

Easily spoken, you have to get the attacker to invest a serious amount of troops to take down a lot of your structures.

What Your Working Farming Base Has To Have

The crucial thing is that your Town Hall itself will hold a reasonable amount of your loot.

If you have 2 Gold Storages and 2 Elixir Storages, it will hold 1/3 of your total Gold and total Elixir – if you have 4 Gold and Elixir Storages it will be 1/5 of your total Gold and Elixir plus 1/4 of your Dark Elixir.

Your Town Hall is now worth as much as a Gold Storage, an Elixir Storage plus the Dark Elixir!

3 Wrong Attempts On Making a Farming Base Layout

Here are three things that I still constantly see people doing. Just don’t do it, they are only making you lose resources and time.

I will show you why:

1) Exposed Town Hall with lots of Traps

Formerly known as the “Troll-Bases” with lots of Traps to get the attacker to invest at least 1/3 of his army.trolling base with exposed town hall and hidden tesla around

This will not work because to get a shield you need to suffer at least 33% destruction. You only will gift the attacker 20-33% of your loot in return for 15 minutes Village Guard!

2) Expose Your Town Hall together with unimportant buildings

This concept covers the problem of 1) because you expose enough buildings, so the attacker can take them out to reward you a cheap shield without going for the full attack.bad farming base attempt post december update

The problems are not getting smaller – what you’re actually doing is not inviting someone to give you a cheap shield, you are encouraging the attacker to take a significant part of your resources without a big troop invest. Also, the attacker is aware that he will only get the full loot bonus at 70% destruction and go for the whole base – and you already offered to take one-third of it for almost free!

3) Semi Exposed Town Halls

This is one of the biggest mistakes I’ve seen so far! Of course, some people are starting to design new base layouts that adapt to the December 2015 Update changes and lots of them make the same mistake: treating the Town Hall like a regular Storage. I mean designs like this, you can see the Town Hall is accessible quite easily:clash-of-clans-weekly-base-analysis-part-18-th-9-hybrid-base

The Storage is in the medium outside layer and spread like it would be a Gold or Elixir Storage – but it’s much more! It’s a Gold AND Elixir AND Dark Elixir Storage and you don’t want to offer that cheap! Even if the attacker takes down a Gold and an Elixir Storage, you will save the Dark Elixir if your Town Hall is not one of them.

TH7 to TH11 inside Farming Base Layouts with Bomb Tower inside

In the first part we covered the basic mechanic changes that will force us to use different base layouts for our farming base design and now I want to show you some that will work for your village.

Find the most up to date base layouts here:

TH7 Farming Bases with an inside Town Hall

th7 farming base dark elixir protection farming base resource protection for town hall 7 town hall 7 farm base layout

The first one is my personal favorite because it protects all resource storages very well. People saying that the Mines and Collectors are easy bait are right, but with the ability to attack under the shield you will collect the resources out of it very frequently, so I don’t see a problem with that.

Town Hall 8 inside TH Farming Base Layouts

Here are two very good designs that will make your farming life at TH8 a lot more comfortable:th8 farming base with bomb tower town hall 8 farming base with dark elixir protection


I have no favorite here, both bases are very solid when you want to protect your Dark Elixir on TH8.

TH9 inside Town Hall Farming Base Designs

With Town Hall 9 and higher there will be more and more problems to prevent attackers taking serious loot from your base in an attack – the big focus is to prevent them from taking very much. Here are two designs I like a lot.

town hall 9 farming base with dark Elixir protection and bomb tower town hall 9 trophy base layout

hybrid TH9 farming Base layout with bombtower th9 farming hybrid base farming with bomb tower



TH10 Inside Town Hall Farming Base Layouts for 2016

The former max level is now only a station when going to Town Hall 11, but an expensive one. You probably will/do spend most of your time farming at TH10, so it’s good to have a solid farming base that has your back.th10 farming base to protect resources town hall 10 farming base to protect all resources



Here’s one of the first TH11 Farming Base Layouts I’ve found for you.th11 hybrid farming base with bomb tower



No need to argue, these changes to the shields are changing a lot in the game. In the end it’s all about making your profit from looting a lot, not from saving the small generated loot. You will get attacked and also lose more loot than you did so far with an exposed Town Hall layout, but you can minimize those losses with the right base designs and after you get used to it you will, hopefully, see yourself earning more loot overall.