Ilya Yakover

1. You’re so whaaaaaaatever and laid-back about all the things, it’s so cool. You simply have one, tiny little extravagant relationship normal, and it’s that you simply solely wish to date that man who actually has little interest in you. And who additionally already has a girlfriend. However you look sizzling in sweatpants! Has he seen you in sweatpants?

2. You can prepare for any occasion in beneath 5 minutes. You are so easy-going about life, simply very waft. And is it actually an excessive amount of to count on this man to go away his girlfriend for you as an alternative?

three. You get pleasure from dwelling within the second and don’t give a fuck about what you appear to be — as a result of who cares about little issues like appears? Why received’t this man simply fall in love with you already? Does he know the “getting ready for any event in under five minutes” factor? Doesn’t he assume it’s sizzling? It’s sizzling, proper?

four. You don’t want plans, you’re spontaneous! So why received’t this man, like, spontaneously change all the things about his life to cater to precisely what you need proper this very second? It doesn’t make sense? It’s not that tough?

5. Your hair simply has this naturally gorgeous look to it when it’s messy and also you don’t even do something to it — who has the time!? Who cares about hair when there’s touring to do! HOW is it unreasonable to ask him to desert his present life for you?

6. You’re so chill and low-maintenance, most days you simply put on your glasses as an alternative of contact lenses. Ugh, who has the time to place one thing on their eyes each morning — you might be touring or doing one thing adventurous as an alternative! Severely, he hasn’t left his girlfriend but? He is aware of you’re chill, proper? YOU’RE CHILL.

7. You don’t have to go on fancy dates to costly eating places — you’re joyful simply consuming a burger. This reality alone makes you higher than his girlfriend, who you’re certain is not a enjoyable and quirky low-maintenance woman. You’re the one genuine low-maintenance woman. Like, how lengthy does it take her to prepare?

eight. You’re so low-maintenance, you’ve by no means even appeared in a mirror earlier than. You don’t know what you appear to be, who cares! You solely have one factor you’re significantly choosy about and it’s attempting to get this man to go away his girlfriend for you.

9. You don’t actually have unreasonable requirements about something, which is why you get together with just about everybody. You’re simply one of many guys and likewise each woman’s greatest pal. You’re so unbelievably cool you might simply burst into flames and actually you may as a result of it’s silly that he received’t uproot his present relationship to begin one with you. You’re low-maintenance! TC mark