clash of clans august 2016 balancing update

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I think all of us remember last week when Supercell announced the balancing changes for Healers, Miners, Cannons and the Eagle Artillery. The whole community, including myself, have been shocked.

I think it’s now time to take a look how these changes turned out.

Please take note that these are primarily my personal feelings about the balancing from my own game experience. I hope you understand that I can’t be anywhere from farming lower Leagues to pushing Legends at the same time. I also have worked in the emails and messages I have received.

Mass Attacks

The first priority of this balancing was Supercells intention to make the mass Miner and mass Bowler attacks less viable – means these attacks should not be able to 3-Star a maxed out Town Hall 11 Defense base without much skill and having a third of the army left.

That’s why they nerfed the Healers by making them a target of air traps and buffing Cannon DPS along with reducing the Miner’s movement speed.

In fact, I see fewer attacks with Healers happen to my base so far, but more mass Bowler and Miner mixed-attacks. In the classic definition, it’s not a mass attack, but the skill needed to spam two instead of one troop is the same, in my opinion.

What I can tell is that these attacks are not a blind 3-Star anymore, but still get most without having any skill.

There are still mass Bowler attacks (not that often anymore) that will not be that successful anymore, because the Healer will die soon. In my opinion, that’s not enough when someone can use the Grand Warden ability.

Queen Walks

Queen Walks are far fewer on my base and when somebody does it he brings 5-6 Healers. I did some improvement and focused my Seeking Air Mines on 2 spots, so when the Queen Walk is started there it will fail.

anti queen walk traps

On the other sides there are no Seeking Air Mines.

The reason for this is that with 5-6 Healers it won’t help me at all when I can get 1 out of the way, so when spreading the Seeking Air Mines over all sides it doesn’t change anything. I rather see a successful defense in half of the Queen Walk attacks than none.

I think that Queen Walks are dying like predicted by many before the update was released. The risk of running into Seeking Air Mines is just too high to invest 5-6 Healer slots. It’s still possible, but less powerful.

Eagle Artillery and Cannon balancing?

This is not changing anything at all. The Eagle Artillery will still be activated when the main attack blows off. The Cannon doesn’t deal any more damage effectively, since attacks like Bowlers and Miners work fast enough (or underground enough) to not give the Cannon enough time to deal their full potential.

The return of air attacks?

Air attacks are still not coming back. of course, Quad LaLoon works when you want to 1-Star or 2-Star while trophy pushing, but that was possible before. Just because other attacks got weaker doesn’t mean this one got stronger.

The only reason why they work somewhat ok right now is that many have their X-Bows to ground mode do deal with Queen Walks and that could change overtime.


To put all that words into a summary – this balancing didn’t change anything deeply enough. Mass attacks still work (by combining Miners and Bowlers) and Queen Walks are not that popular anymore. In my opinion, that was not the intention of Supercell, but predictable. We all can live with the changes and it didn’t make the game unplayable like many claimed it would be, but it’s nothing Supercell can be that proud of.

Once more we brought the evidence that they should listen to us and talk to us BEFORE they make changes.

What do you think? Share your opinion below 🙂

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