The Octopus is back and Supercell did initiate a new ban wave against modders, cheaters, bot users of any kind last night.

Update: Is the Octopus too hard and did also ban a lot of Clashers for no reason? Read below!

I assume that some of this new algorithm was already included in the last balancing update and now they started it a few days after. I’m kind of happy that they didn’t tell in advance and they also now seem to go extremely hard after modders with permanent bans.

This is how the forum looks like this morning:

august ban wave clash of clans

In the beginning, it was just a warning shot, announcing that these tools are not allowed and after that the first ban wave did “only” ban users for 2 weeks if they haven’t been banned for modding before.

These easy days for modders are obviously over now – no more announcements and direct permanent bans. I also got messages from users with multiple accounts, that all of them got banned.

A huge problem so far was the use of a “burner account” – basically creating mini accounts to sandbox in war and, if they got banned, the real accounts would stay out of trouble. I can’t tell if this is still possible, but with the permanent ban for everything I assume it’s not worth trying anymore!

To all mod users out there – stop using the mods and bots!

Some days ago some mod pages released new versions and claiming that it’s now safe again. Supercell probably got just bored by this hide and seek game with them, so they decided just to ban everything that mods for good.


The mod tool developers don’t care about your account and you could get permanently banned without any chance to get your account back.


The party is over. Just stop using these tools, there are plenty of ways to play the game and have fun and win.

Update! False Positive Escalation

After each ban wave there have been reports of some banned people saying that they didn’t cheat and got banned for no reason. So far this hasn’t been an issue – if you ask a prisoner about his guilt he will also tell you that he is not guilty.

This time it seems different – you can see that already in the comment section below.

A lot of Clashers say they did not cheat or never did – a scenario that would be one of the biggest messes thinkable.

Nobody outside of Supercell knows how they track down modders and cheaters and it might be (not telling it is), that they also banned accounts of people familiar with cheaters and modders.

On one hand I understand their zero-tolerance statement, but when I think that they will ban clean Clashers that would be the worst thing that could happen!

Here’s just one of the stories I got sent:

Hello super cell . My son account has been banned . But the issue arise yesterday as , my son friend already using x-mod tried with my son ID in his I PHONE how it works .. it was just my son mistake that he allowed his friend to do so . Otherwise my son wasn’t using such 3rd party software.

There is already a petition out there regarding this: Permanent Ban Petition on

I hope that Supercell will release a statement regarding this soon so we can get some more insight as to what really happened.

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