Hi there, everybody! I’m Doc Holliday from Clash Kings 2™ and I’m your huckleberry for all issues Weight in Clash of Clans. Our understanding of Weight has allowed our Clan to win over 86% of all our Wars, with 300 wins and counting on the time of this writing.

Controlling your War Weight is the best way to get matchup in Clan Wars. Since Supercell simply modified the best way it calculates War Weight, it’s time to revisit the difficulty and share with you all the brand new information.

Updated with the June 27th, 2017 Balancing Replace

War Weight and Clan War Matchmaking Fundamentals

Weight is solely the quantity worth assigned by Supercell to all Troops, Spells, Heroes, Traps, Partitions, and Defenses in Clash of Clans. Upgrading any of this stuff will increase their Weight.

All Weight is just not assigned equally. Every kind of merchandise has a distinct Weight, and the Weight of upgrading every merchandise can change at every degree.

The added Weight of each Troop, Spell, Hero, Lure, Wall and Protection in your Base is your Base Weight.

Throughout War Search, Supercell provides up the Base Weight of everybody in your Clan who’s collaborating in the War. This whole is the War Weight. Supercell matches Clans towards others of comparable total War Weight. This implies the decrease your Clan War Weight, the simpler your War opponents will likely be.

Sure upgrades carry extra added Weight than others. Upgrade a Freeze Spell as soon as, and it’ll add extra Weight than a attainable 10 different upgrades mixed.

Realizing the Weights permits us to decide on which upgrades to make, and when, primarily based off the added Weight of every merchandise.

By selecting to improve gadgets with decrease Weight first, your Base continues to develop robust with out including an excessive amount of Weight till it’s completely wanted. Conserving your War Weight down prevents you from getting tougher opponents throughout Clan Wars.

There are hardcore methods to engineer a Base like MiniMax or Defenseless Bases, however Supercell has just lately made modifications to counteract their impact. For a full dialogue on that topic, try this page.

Merchandise Weights and Base Weight Calculator

Within the following tables, you will note how a lot further War Weight every improve provides to your Village (and likewise the cumulative value of a Protection).

Vital! Please observe that these numbers are extracted from the sport information, however they’re additionally getting calculated in the War matchmaking algorithm (not identified by us how), so these numbers solely offer you an thought how the various things weigh.

read the war weight chart in clash of clans

The numbers in the chart under is the CUMULATIVE War Weight.

Defenses War Weight

Traps War Weight


You could find the War Weight for the Heroes right here:

(in case you run into an error opening them, you will get the newest figures from the website of ClashKings2 here)

War Weight of Troops

You could find a whole record of every merchandise’s weight here.

We’re additionally offering a Weight Calculator here that you need to use to rapidly enter your gadgets and discover out your whole particular person Base Weight.

Each merchandise’s Weight is 100% correct on the time of this writing. Nonetheless, Supercell is continually working to stability the sport and the numbers could change unexpectedly. We’ll put up any updates as quickly as they’re obtainable.

Weighing Barracks and Spell Factories

Discover that the Spell Manufacturing facility, Darkish Spell Manufacturing facility, Barracks, and Darkish Barracks buildings carry no Weight.

Nonetheless, any improve that unlocks a brand new Troop, Darkish Troop, Spell, or Darkish Spell will carry a Weight improve as a result of of the brand new merchandise unlocked.

The one time your Weight won’t improve whenever you improve or add one of this stuff is whenever you don’t additionally unlock a brand new Troop, Darkish Troop, Spell, or Darkish Spell.

Fast Suggestions for Correct Upgrade Order in Clan Wars

  1. Your Military Camps, Laboratory, and Clan Fort don’t have any Weight. Upgrading these as early as attainable at every City Corridor degree is frequent sense.
  2. The perfect worth for the Weight added per improve is a tie between the Air Protection and the Air Sweeper. Bombs, Spring Traps, and Skeleton Traps are additionally very good values. Preserve all of them upgraded ASAP.
  3. Upgrade Level Defenses (Hidden Tesla, Archer Towers, and so on.) over Splash Injury upgrades always. Typically you’ll be able to improve 6 or 7 Level Defenses for a similar Weight added as 1 Splash Injury improve.
  4. The Freeze Spell, Witch, X-Bow, Inferno Towers, and Eagle Artillery are the 5 cautionary upgrades. Any buy or improve of these 5 gadgets will improve your Weight by a really large quantity. They need to by no means be bought or upgraded till completely obligatory.


Be sensible about your upgrades! There isn’t a level upgrading the Witch or the Freeze Spell in case you don’t plan on utilizing them but. That is how you establish the improve precedence for Clan Wars. Be at liberty to put up any questions you might have and I’ll do my finest to reply them promptly.