Drive Ahead! may be one of the most brutal monster truck battle games we’ve ever seen. In this completely insane game – seriously don’t try it at home – your objective is “not” to destroy your opponent’s “car” but to destroy your “opponent driver!” Not the best way to keep your friendship alive…💀


Drive Ahead! Review

Set in a 2 dimensional wrestling ring like stage for cars, your objective is simple, “some how” crush your opponent’s head with your car… If you’ve ever played hill climb racing, it’s basically the same concept, just with a blood thirsty opponent and lots of traps…

Although the concept is extremely brutal, the in game physics are superb, allowing you to play the game with a natural ease you won’t find in every game. On top of all this, due to the fact that Drive Ahead! is a 2D platform style game, the only controls you need are “move left” and “move right”, super simple!On top of all this Drive Ahead! is made up using some of the coolest – in a funny way – bit graphics we’ve ever seen, featuring tiny cars, shoe cars, UFO cars and much much more. If you’re after something new and funny mixed in with “just a little” brutalness, you may have just found what you’re looking for.