The next Clash of Clans update is coming soon, to be more specific in a few weeks – so I always get tons of feature requests and people comment here with a lot of ideas. There are a lot of great ones in it, but also some that Supercell already ruled out (will never come as long as the sun rises in the east and goes down in the west).

I’m not sure that the current feature list is something that you have read, so I wanted to post it here.

Here are ideas that Supercell likes and may be included some day. Only because it’s on the list doesn’t mean it will ever come.

Major Additions:
* Clan villages = all clan members contribute, leaders control
* Add more single player levels (permanent ones)
* Add a featured temporary single player map – 1 per week/month/update on a rotating basis.
* Add single player challenges/maps – beat with specific/limited troops or troop counts, all air, tier 1, etc
* Add daily challenges for small rewards – win a raid, use 5 balloons, destroy 5x builders huts, misc stuff
* Random event – meteorite lands in village – Dark Elixir to clear, enhanced experience/gem rewards

Clan Related:

* Way to designate sister/feeder/associated clans to link clan chat in a separate tab
* Ability to sort clan info besides trophies: By Donation, level, position, league, etc
* Remove clan join request from clan chat if they’ve joined another clan already
* Troop Donations: Don’t reset when leaving clans, have a running total, average per reset period
* History button on clan app – see stats: Last x clans, time in, donations given/received, kicked/left, etc
* Reduce leader message cooldown from 12 hours
* Make kick/promote menu for leaders/elders to operate from names in clan chat as well as clan interface

League Related:
* Alter matchmaking to FIRST match within your specific league, then proceed outside if necessary

Defensive Structure Related:
* Add hidden tesla trigger radius circle (green perhaps)
* Modify ammo to include variables: ex: every 5th cannon shot is a freeze ball, or 7th A.Tower projectile is a fire arrow, wiz towers alternate different spells. Different shots carry different attributes, whether slow, fire damage, extra damage to certain troops, etc.
* Add an x-bow loaded with dark elixir or “Dark X-Bow”
* Add “spires” which add on to defenses or provide an area effect to increase stats

New defensive buildings: Ice Tower, dragon cave, poison dart tower, healing tower, spear tower

Other Buildings Related:

* Add decoy buildings that still get targeted by troops, but yield nothing (fake mine/cannon)
* Add a boost option for builders (work at 4x speed for X number of hours)
* Clan Castle – Have both an offensive and defensive area (Great for challenges)
* War Clan Castle – Dismiss troops 1 at a time, not entire group of troops

Other new building ideas: Tavern (to hire shady characters), hideout (camp for tavern folks), stables (for horseback units), Siege Factory (for siege weapons), Siege Camp (to house siege weapons)

Troop Related:
* When heroes get defeated, they drop packages of Dark Elixir similar to tombstone process
* Hero gear: collect/equip boots/gloves/armor/helm/belt/weapon(s) items like many other games
* Ability to select order CC troops deploy (Slide/rearrange icons in CC info screen for sequence?)
* New troop that targets support buildings (non defenses or resource buildings)
* Way to toggle hero guard/sleep while they’re injured (button disappears) to set action after healed
* Keep troops that survive a battle
* Self destruct ability for Lava Hounds (to spawn pups)
* A troop that returns projectiles at originating defense

New Troops Type Requests:

* (MECHANICAL) Cannon, catapult, ballista, trebuchet, battering ram, minesweeper, pirate ship
* (UNITS) Ogre, assassin, scorcher, berserker, dark night hawk, sorcerer, sorceress, cyclops, rogue, knight, elf, dead skeleton, war elephant, giant spider, wraith, phoenix, cavalry, falcon, priest, ninja, dog, blimp, marksman, samurai, gargoyle, gryphon, demon, ghost, serpent, slimer
– General – can focus attackers to a specific building
– Wolf Rider – Archer on wolf, attacks until wolf perishes, then archer continues
– Paratrooper – deployed from above, can land anywhere and continue fighting
– Air based resource targeting unit
– Unit with both ranged and melee attack capabilities

Battle Related:
* No default troop selected upon entering battle – avoid accidental battle starts
* Remove/Reduce TH loot penalty on revenges – will make original attacker pick more wisely
* Make use of the water with ships/water-related attacking/defending/units
* Bonus for x wins in a row: Loot, bonuses, troop modifiers, att or def advantages, other random perks
* Ability to save single player battle replays (and hence, also share)
* Ability to revenge an online and/or shielded opponent
* Ability to send message to player after raiding them

Spell Related:
* Add Defensive spells – placed with radius’s just like other defs/traps – 1×1 with varying radius’s
* Make the spell colors/graphics more unique, wrong selection during battle due to similarities
* When upgrading spells, include increased range, duration, etc not just primary stat
* Click/Hold spells when deploying to display radius/range circle to move around – release to deploy

New spell ideas: 

* (VISION) Invisibility, smoke screen, shroud,
* (ATTACK) Paralyze, slow, firestorm, bomb, fire tornado, meteor storm
* (TROOPS) Revive, summon, flying, shape shifter/morph
* (GAME PLAY) – Extra time, trap reveal, target specific building

Defensive spell ideas (if implemented):
 slow, confuse, rage (for CC troops), rage (for defenses), def lightning, heal (for buildings or CC troops), Mirror/reflect damage back on attacker

Trap Related:
* Add a new trap that must be bought with Dark Elixir
* Ambush/Foxhole trap – hidden storage for very few (1-3?) camp spaces of owner’s troops for defense
* Disguise traps as random building/obstacle/decoration
* Convert tombstones to small traps/bombs – click on them, choose collect elixir or convert

Other trap ideas:
 Moat, tar pits, pitfall, hole trap, poison shrubs, wildfire, rock wall, Decorations (dogs/animals) that attack enemies, ability to add poison ivy to walls, sticky trap, vine trap, stun, taser, vortex, freeze/permafrost, tremor/earthquake

Graphical Interface Related:

* Add a way to export battle replays to photo roll or youtube natively
* Add a rewind button to the replays
* When visiting villages via the battle log, have a “back to log” button besides just a back home button
* Add the Attacks/Defenses Won stat (from Leagues) to clan view
* Leave clan/global chat pane available while visiting clan/global villages
* Enable double tapping – ex: Barracks=train screen, CC=request troops, spell fact=create spells
* Add how many additional barracks queue spaces gained in the Upgrade to level x? barracks screen
* Add a red ! on Upgrade tile if prerequisites are not met in addition to showing it inside the upgrade view
* Add a popup URGING all users to link to Gamecenter (similar to the recent IAP pop-up)
* Ability to hot link a village for clan to view – visit/invite/link options? – search not always possible
* Move donate troops window over to doesn’t cover custom donate text to read what they want

* Add push notification for Clan Castle full
* Change music setting from on/off to allow multiple volume settings, ie low/medium/high or slider bar
* Add a small gem reward at each level up, or even every 5 or 10
* Gem lottery- pay gems for a chance to win more
* Additional price points for gem purchases

Currently Ruled Out

Here are some amazing ideas that have been ruled out by the dev team for the time being. Posting these ideas will result in your thread being removed without notice!

Frequently Requested:
* Playing clash of clans (or any other SC game) on a computer or through a web browser e.g. Facebook
*Donating (or trading) resources or gems to (with) other players
*An exchange building to convert between elixir, gold, dark elixir, or gems
*Assign multiple builders to one build/upgrade
*Upgradeable builders’ huts
*Player search function
*Active/ Live “Online Status” examples: colored icons, on/off indicator, etc.
*Indicate last online date
*Remove the “Report” button/feature from global chat. Abused too often, and mute is better solution

Clan Related:
*Add other clan requirements to apply besides trophies, ex: Specific troop lvl, TH lvl, lab lvl, game lvl
*Customizable clan flag
*Add ability to send short message to rejected applicants similar to when expelling
*A large text area for clan rules that just the clan can see (separate from public clan description)
*Leader (and co-leaders) ability to delete messages in chat
*Modify clan msg of player joining with who invited player: xx joined clan, invited by xx
*Add clan rank to Clan Info Screen – Quicker to reference than scrolling to end of top 200 list
*Increase clan size: 75 or 100 are most common requests
* Separate Elder+ chat tab in-game

Defensive Structure Related:
*Ability to camouflage/purchase camouflage – (make AT appear as a barracks until within range)
*Ability to load current x-bow with elixir or dark elixir for extra bonus of some sort
*Stack def structures – ATs over walls, Teslas on top of barracks (truly hidden), etc.
*Upgrade to 2-story walls that hog riders/jump spell can’t penetrate (maybe limit #)
*Display both X-bow range circles at once for planning – different color on inactive one
*Modify clan castle – toggle defend/not defend (like heroes)
*Auto request CC troops in clan if you win a defense (shield didn’t activate, still attackable)

Other Buildings Related:
*Gem mines/drills
*Wizard Laboratory to create/upgrade wizard projectiles/spells
*Add a second laboratory or a second slot in current lab to do two researches at once
*Queue upgrades/builds
*Troop Armor Building. Research upgrades to troop armors/attack/speed, etc.
*Ability to turn on all def building radius circles at once to check coverage
*Trap/Explosives hut to upgrade/build bigger ones
* Lightning Rod to absorb lightning spell

Troop/Barracks Related:
*Customize troop builds = to order, permanent productions, saved queues, etc.
*Queue troop donation notices when offline – display when back online or new interface to see info after
*Show total training time left above barracks
*Show total elixir costs of troops sitting in army camps
*5x or 10x button in troop training screens for faster queuing
*Modify healers to include healing air troops
*Troop carrier (Trojan horse-like) it moves on its own until damaged, then troops pop out
*Release a hero for every troop type (Some more may come eventually, but not EVERY troop)
*Prepackaged troop clusters = similar to clan castle deployment, but you can load like 50 troop count in 4 different clusters to deploy on offense all at once.
*Have clan war troop donations count towards donation statistics

Battle Related:
*Ability to filter matchmaking by resources or trophies available
*Capture live attackers and have them reassigned to your own clan castle, army camps, or new structure
*Bonus/award if attacker skips your village – partial payment to you on match fee
*On Offensive Battle Summary include resource cost of troops/spells used
*Ability to assign 5 or so of your own troops to defend Town Hall, same AI as CC, smaller radius
*Ability to transfer a revenge to a clan member or public hitlist
*Auto reset/repurchase traps if you win a defense (shield didn’t activate, still attackable)
*Add a small chance to “Steal/Win/Replace” spells on an attack victory (suggest 3-star only)
*Back button in matchmaking for accidental “Next” clicks – Perhaps cost double fee to return
*Deactivate spell selection after casting to avoid multiple mis-casts, make user re-select if wanted
*Add a 1-2 second spell casting cooldown to prevent unwanted multiple mis-casts

Graphical Interface Related:
*Separate tab in chat for troop requests
*Revenge list indicate online/shielded or currently attackable without having to click each person’s button
*Ability to hide certain attacks in battle logs
*Show loot/trophies which were available on battle logs in addition to what was earned
*When revenge used – defense log includes original attack results (resources/trophies/%/stars)
*Modify Att/Def Won stat to include losses as well, example: Attacks: 38/12 Defenses: 3/12
*Add comma or space at thousands space in ALL places: Upgrade buttons, spell/troop buttons, shop, etc.
*Allow iOS Device battery indicator icon to be displayed while in-game
*Ability to turn on white buffer lines without moving building/decoration
*Add a League Chat area

*Resetting or restarting a specific village
*Rate base feature
*Keep replays through maintenance – increase from 4 to 6 or at least since last login
*Add a setting to disable village animations to improve performance on older devices
*Add gem use confirmation on all functions
*Botany Research- Ups spawn rate of obstacles and/or increase in chance/# of gems when removing
*Additional leaderboards based on TH level
*Add ability to play background music while in game natively
*Add push notification for Hero ready (healed/able to attack)
*Log gem usage/gains in gamecenter (or ingame) so users can look to see where they went
*Add an unmute option for accidental muting – or have a list showing all muted to pick certain unmutes
*Add custom sound notifications for Clash push notifications
*Add mini-games, something to occupy time