GTA Online update 1.22 is now live, and the patch notes are incoming to detail the finer changes. Watch the amazing Cunning Stunts Special Vehicle Circuit in action.

Rockstar has rolled out the GTA Online 1.22 update, which is also being referred to as GTA Online 1.38.

The new GTA Online patch brings some new content to the online multiplayer portion of GTA V, including 20 Stunt Races and the incredible-looking Cunning Stunts Special Vehicle Circuit.

Check it out in action!

Players can also now drive the Progen GP1 supercar. We’re waiting on the GTA Online update 1.22 patch notes, but we’ll update the article as soon as we get them.

Rockstar writes: “Speed through tunnels and parachute to the finish with the Ruiner 2000 in Damned, one of 20 new Stunt Races featuring Special Vehicles launching next week.

Today, a different breed of high-flying vehicular competition hits GTA Online with 20 new Stunt Races custom built for the Rocket Voltic, Ruiner 2000 & Blazer Aqua in Cunning Stunts: Special Vehicle Circuit. Designed with each of these vehicles’ unique characteristics and abilities in mind, this collection of Stunt Races comes to GTA Online on Tuesday, March 14. Also on Tuesday, Legendary Motorsport adds the classically-styled Progen GP1 to its formidable roster of supercars.”