home village versus war base

Base constructing is a craft that many Clashers use to outline themselves amongst an ocean of gifted gamers. It may be time-consuming and tedious however the rewards are available in so some ways to people who take the time to construct the indestructible base. As you make investments extra time within the recreation it is going to turn into apparent well-constructed Home Village would be the basis of your long-term success.

Our primary objective is to guard our hard-earned loot from the bombardment of artful assaults waged upon us from different gamers. Most gamers received’t take lengthy to affix a Clan and inevitably take part within the Clan Wars. Instantly you’ll discover one thing completely different concerning the bases within the Clan Wars. They’re much more durable to Three-Star than the Home Village. It’s at this second that you simply start to appreciate the complexity of base constructing. There are elementary variations between the Home Village and the War Base. The variations are pushed from our have to have particular performance from every base design.

The Home Village

One of many greatest benefits that you’ve because the defender would be the prep time that the attacker has earlier than they start the assault in your village. They solely have 30 seconds to resolve in case your base is true for them.

Most gamers are in search of one among two issues, loot and trophies so earlier than we get into constructing ideas let’s begin off by making a acutely aware effort to grasp the attacker. We need to make the NEXT button a way more engaging thought than the ATTACK button.

The first approach we do that is to attenuate the quantity of loot we depart in our village after we go offline. There are tens of millions of bases on the market for the attacker to select from. Many potential attackers have already hit the NEXT button a dozen occasions to get to your base so strive to not stand out by providing enormous rewards for attacking your village over the subsequent village. So, earlier than you go offline, empty these Storages if in any respect doable!

home village versus home village

This will likely seem like Home Village design however as we take a better look we discover many issues. This resulted in a Three star and over 1,000,000 in loot.

war base design technique

As soon as an attacker commits to attacking your base they’ve little or no prep time to review your base design. That is the most important benefit we’ve as defenders so we need to exploit it as finest as doable. Our objective is to confuse and mislead the attacker whereas we lead them by means of a collection of traps and pitfalls. Take into account that they solely have one likelihood at attacking your village so we need to use the excessive danger / excessive reward sorts of designs to finish their assaults early.

Let’s get into some specifics…  

Begin each Home Village construct with the Clan Citadel (aka CC). The defending CC troops will normally provide the defender the very best mixed DPS (injury per second) in your village. By centering the Clan Citadel you’ll make it more durable for the attacking participant to get their troops into the “Trigger Zone” this makes the collision between their troops and your CC Troops occur at an unpredictable time which is what we would like because the defender.

Maintain City Corridor (aka TH) close to the core alongside along with your Most worthy useful resource the Darkish Elixir Storage. We wish City Corridor close to the core for two causes. 1st it is stuffed with loot and we don’t give something away. 2nd it has tons of hit factors which can power attacking gamers to take a very long time to destroy it. By maintaining the City Corridor close to the core you’ve gotten a greater likelihood for a number of defenses to focus on the attacking troops. Your defenses will punish these troops whereas they chop away on the City Corridor thus diminishing their general power.

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This leads us to our subsequent main issue within the Home Village design. I’ve this idea of buying and selling loot for troops. Which means in case you are attacking my village and you’re taking a Gold Storage, I’ll in return kill off a considerable variety of troops to your efforts. NEVER give something away in your Home Village. You need the attacker to must take 100% of your village to get 100% of your loot. We do that by dividing the village into Four quadrants and inserting 25% of our loot in every quadrant. An enormous mistake many new gamers make is the place they place their Storages. Many attackers will be capable of get to any location in your map so by no means place your entire Storages in a single place, like within the core of the bottom. Those self same gamers that may get their troops to any location on the map could not be capable of take 100% of the map so splitting up your hard-earned loot is all the time the very best thought. Layer your defenses into every quadrant together with the Storages to make it tough for attackers to grab your loot it doesn’t matter what path the assault from. Don’t expose your defenses by surrounding your Storages with them. Layer the defenses in with the excessive Hit Level Storages to allow them to defend them for so long as doable.

As a consequence of the truth that the attacker solely has one shot at your Home Village it would be best to create pitfalls in areas of the village. We do that with the Large Bombs and the Spring Traps. Large Bombs are 2×2 tile constructions. That’s sufficiently small to sneak one in right here and there however we don’t need to try this. We need to place each Large Bomb we’ve in a single space making a demise lure for any group of troops that crosses over it however, we additionally must be as discreet as doable. To create huge lure areas we’ve to design our village with a number of places the place the Large Bombs could possibly be. This has a number of advantages too! Create Four-5 places round your village with empty areas. This may power the attacker to make a fast educated guess as to the place the traps truly are and at occasions even trigger the attacker to drop Heal Spells over open areas that look suspicious however are literally empty. The identical tactic can be utilized for the Spring Traps too.

Professional Tip! watch replays of assaults in your village and transfer traps the place you see attackers enter the bottom. Discover the commonest pathways and lure there. Maintain watching and hold tweaking for the very best outcomes

There are dangers for grouping each Large Bomb or Spring Entice collectively. The attacker may get fortunate and have one rogue Goblin run by means of all 5 Large Bombs, setting all of them off or a Golem lead a pack of troops over a Spring Entice farm additionally setting all of them off remaining unhurt themselves. More often than not the attacker is not going to be so fortunate and the rewards of defending your village whereas permitting that attacker minimal beneficial properties in loot for his or her efforts is far more widespread.

trap setup war base

Listed here are 2 nice examples of Large Bomb placement on your property village. Keep in mind don’t combine your Large Bombs with the Spring Traps. No have to spring injured troops off the map!

force hogs in war base

I discussed earlier how the NEXT button may play into your Home Village’s general security and I wished to elaborate on that time a little bit extra earlier than we start to interrupt down the War Base. When I’m out farming I search for just a few issues earlier than I assault a base. 1st there must be sufficient loot. If there may be 500Ok of every Gold and Elixir and/ or 4K in Darkish Elixir that’s an computerized inexperienced mild until the bottom appears so imposing that I don’t really feel assured sufficient to assault it for a achieve. By no means advance your Home Village’s TH stage so quick that you simply depart your defenses a number of ranges behind. Construct probably the most imposing village which you can. You could need to search for base designs on the web to get some concepts and even copy one and tweak it a little bit till you turn into extra assured as a base builder your self.

Listed here are some issues to keep away from when selecting your Home Village design:

  • Don’t construct an anti-Three kind of residence village. They’re designed to make use of the clock in opposition to the attacker and the clock shouldn’t be an enormous issue within the Home Village.
  • Don’t place Builder’s Huts or Hidden Teslas within the corners of the Home Village. That is one other instance of utilizing the clock in opposition to the attacker (we’ll go over this within the War Base part)
  • Don’t improve too many related defenses at one time. If the attacker has an air military constructed and you’ve got Three of Four Air Defenses upgrading at one time you’ll be able to anticipate to see Balloons floating over your partitions. Don’t set your entire X-bows to floor both. An attacker can establish the distinction between air and floor at a look and should resolve to assault you if they will use their air troops with out the “X-factor” concerned.
  • Don’t depart your elite defenses in a depleted state. That is referred to as a useless base and it’s most attackers dream. Many gamers will NEXT till they discover a useless base to assault even when it takes tapping the NEXT button 50 occasions.

Here’s a recap of a number of the options you need to have within the Home Village:

  • Use obstacles like flags, torches and statues in a cluttered trend to make the scouting course of more durable
  • Attempt to depart tombstones in your base to offer the phantasm of a useless base
  • Middle your Clan Citadel to maximise the potential of a troop collision that favors you, the defender
  • Middle you Darkish Elixir. It’s the #1 goal of virtually each attacker
  • Place City Corridor within the core of the bottom to discourage trophy hunters and assist with the internal core defensive shielding
  • Group your Large Bombs and Spring Traps in giant clusters to assist finish assaults early
  • Break up your loot up evenly throughout your Home Village. Make attackers take 100% of your village to get 100% of the loot
  • Place your entire storages inside vary of your defenses. Make attackers earn each Useful resource Constructing. Don’t give away any of your loot

The War Base

Now that we’ve lined many necessary options of the Home Village we will break down the War Base. There are numerous elementary variations between the War Base and the Home Village. That is for 2 primary causes. 1st the defending participant doesn’t lose any loot from their private storages throughout an assault on their base in a Clan War. The rewards are generated from the Clan War itself not taken from the gamers within the struggle. 2nd the primary goal in a Clan War is to your Clan to earn extra stars than the opposing Clan. Stars are all the things in Clan Wars so we have to construct our War Base in a fashion that we deprive the attacking Clan of stars, particularly Three stars.

The first time I attacked a War Base in a Clan War I acquired zero stars. I didn’t perceive why it was a lot simpler for me to assault once I was farming. I figured it will need to have been the stress of attacking whereas members of the Clan had been watching. Then I noticed that I used to be fully improper. It wasn’t the stress of spectators or the Clan’s expectations, these bases had been fully completely different! I began arising with completely different base designs for my War Base and after about 2 months I lastly discovered each single approach to make a War Base improper. I began off by leaving a gap contained in the core of the bottom and inserting all of my Large Bombs and Spring Traps in the identical space so after they spawned their whole military within the core they’d set off the entire traps and I’d defend with a zero star. Sadly, most attackers simply dropped one Barbarian within the gap, setting off all of my traps leaving me with out Large Bombs and searching just like the noob that I used to be. Then I copied a terrific wanting base from the web. It was labeled “best TH7 War Base of 2014” and that’s what I wanted, the very best TH7 War Base. This too led to a different disappointment because it acquired Three starred struggle after struggle. Again to the drafting board…

The largest benefit attackers have in opposition to your War Base is they will scout it for a very long time. They will ask their most skilled clanmates for assist and most significantly they will watch the replays of any assaults that had been already completed in your War Base. Trick bases and bases with overloaded lure places particularly these exterior the partitions aren’t practically as efficient as they’d be within the Home Village setting. You could catch the primary attacker off guard however the replays on that assault will expose the entire lure places and from that time on the bottom is in deep trouble. So… the place do you start to design the very best War Base?

We begin constructing the War Base with the identical constructing that you’d begin the Home Village with… The Clan Citadel. It rests within the useless middle of the map. Just like the Home Village the objective is to make it as exhausting as doable to set off the CC troops, however not like the Home Village you and your clanmates will rigorously plan and cargo the absolute best CC troops to defend your base. More often than not those that assault your Home Village must take care of no matter troops you had been planning on utilizing in your subsequent farming raid. Frequent troops for a farming raid could be Giants, who aren’t actually the only option for defending your base. The added defensive power of Child Dragons, Witches, Valkyries and Wizards becoming a member of the battle mid-attack ought to offer you much more incentive to middle the Clan Citadel. After the Clan Citadel is positioned on the map the War Base development continues however in a a lot completely different trend than the Home Village. Defending your treasured loot means completely nothing in Clan Wars so we’ll use the excessive hit level Storage Buildings as shields for all of our key defenses. We fill power attackers to push their approach by means of Gold and Elixir Storages to get to our Archer Towers and Cannons and we’ll line our outer partitions with collectors creating yet one more barrier for the attacking troops to undergo earlier than they get anyplace close to our defenses.

The excessive danger/ excessive reward ways of the Home Village must be put aside and changed with a nicely rounded defensive posture that won’t solely stand as much as the opening raid however to repeat assaults as nicely. To do that we’ve to grasp how the attackers are going to attempt to sort out and ultimately dismantle our defenses. They are going to begin assaults with excessive powered teams of troops referred to as “kill squads” comprised of specialists (tanking specialists like Golem and injury specialists like Wizard) assembled particularly to take down your CC Troops and Heroes together with making an attempt to disarm traps and key defenses that may pose the most important threats to their primary assault power. Extra superior gamers will use highly effective ranged troops (Archer Queen, Bowlers and Witches are just a few) together with a number of Healers to filter out whole sections of your War Base’s perimeter buildings (trash buildings) and outer defenses which can permit them a terrific alternative to “funnel” their primary assault power into your War Base. Lastly the primary assault power comes into play. Three star specialists will deploy defensive concentrating on troops just like the Hog Rider or Balloon that may move proper over the protecting Storages and start eliminating your defenses.

With all of this in thoughts it’s our job as defenders to design a War Base that may take care of all of those various factors without delay. It wants be be designed nicely sufficient that after the bottom will get attacked and the replays can be found, that the enemy clan won’t be able to establish an apparent vulnerability that may be exploited within the subsequent assault. Along with that we’ve to defend in opposition to the potential of both an air raid or a floor raid and in lots of case a combination of the 2! This will likely sound like an unattainable activity however concern not, we’ve a number of methods to guard ourselves from any and all military compositions.

There are numerous alternative ways to attain this however some common guidelines will apply to all strategies. 1st we by no means group key targets too shut collectively. We don’t need the attacker to make use of one Rage Spell and push their military by means of all of our key defenses, or use one Freeze Spell and disable all of our elite protection without delay. Subsequent we contemplate the trail that the troops will take into our base. That is particularly necessary with the protection solely concentrating on troops just like the Hog Riders and Balloons. We wish the troops to go the place we would like them to not the place the attacker desires them to. We are able to accomplish this by deliberately inserting particular defenses nearer collectively. Right here is an effective instance…

We don’t comprehend it the attacker goes to make use of floor or air troops so we have to defend in opposition to each raids. We begin off by inserting an Air Protection on the map out of vary from any troop that’s exterior of the partitions. In entrance of the Air Protection we’ll place a Cannon, Mortar and an Archer Tower. We are going to guarantee that the Air Protection is much sufficient away from the opposite Three defenses that the pure course of a gaggle of Balloons could be to go from the Cannon to the Mortar to the Archer Tower after which lastly to the Air Protection final. This may give the Air Protection extra time to shoot down the Balloons as they slowly drift over the opposite three defenses which are grouped collectively. As a result of Hog Riders are additionally a well-liked troop used to three star in Clan Wars we can even contemplate them and place a Spring Entice in between every protection. This idea will assist defend in opposition to each the air and floor assaults.

war base

Professional Tip! Strive to not place Wizard Towers too near Air Defenses. You need them taking pictures on the Balloons not the Lava Hounds in a Laloon raid

Not like the Home Village your War Base has the luxurious of spreading out. We wouldn’t have to guard each Useful resource Constructing so we will pull these constructions away from the outer partitions and power attackers to cowl far more floor. Using Builder’s Huts within the Four corners of the map is one other approach to make use of the clock to our benefit. This leads us to a highly regarded War Base design referred to as the Anti-Three War Base. These bases are designed with completely different stress factors on reverse sides of the map and can normally name on City Corridor to turn into the Base’s greatest defend. (Please be aware that I’ve seen the Anti-Three work in opposition to the defender nearly as a lot as for them so depart the Anti-Three to the superior gamers) The anti-Three Base is among the prime examples of the variations between the War Base and the Home Village as a result of the defender will place City Corridor exterior the partitions (in lots of circumstances) and temp gamers to begin their assaults with the simple star solely to seek out that the perimeter of the City Corridor is being guarded by highly effective ranged defenses just like the Archer Tower of X-bow. Attackers will normally take down City Corridor however they should pay for it with both a heavy troop loss or early spell utilization. This turns into an element as they get by means of the bottom and must take care of what is often on the opposite facet… the Hidden Tesla Farm.

hidden Tesla farm

Professional Tip! Place Storages to the left and proper of the Tesla Farm. This may make it more durable for attacking troops to sort out one Tesla at a time by stalling the troops out as soon as they’re in Tesla vary

The Hidden Tesla Farm could be a highly effective assault ending characteristic that, for my part ought to be a part of each War Base. A well-built Tesla Farm shall be wedged in between one other group of defenses and accompanied by the safety of a few Storages or the Darkish Elixir storage. If utilized correctly in an Anti-Three Base they, together with their neighboring defenses will make a final stand in opposition to a battle torn military. The fast strikes of Three-Four Hidden Teslas have been the ending level of many good raids however there’s a second issue concerned with the Tesla Farm in relationship with the Anti-Three War Base. After the first try on the bottom the enemy clan will watch the replays after which must resolve which facet of the bottom to start their subsequent assault from. Do they begin at City Corridor once more and danger coping with a recent Tesla Farm on the finish of the raid with their broken military or do they sort out the Tesla Farm 1st and danger not getting by means of to City Corridor on the different finish of the bottom. It’s these kind of dilemmas that flip good War Bases into nice War Bases. However, let’s not cease there. We have to create related issues all through the War Base. Put a substantial amount of thought into this a part of your War Base Construct. Separate the Archer Queen from the CC Troops. Drive attackers to to assault both the CC Troops or the Queen with their kill squad as a result of if both one is left intact when the primary assault begins it may trigger severe issues for the attacker.

Take a look at this video on the Anti Queen Walk Base design. This can be a nice approach to punish attackers that begin their raid behind the consolation of the AQ Stroll. This kind of construct can even assist defend in opposition to the “Slap” Assault which could be the #1 assault within the present Meta.

Listed here are some elements to think about when constructing your War Base

  • Middle the Clan Citadel such as you would within the Home Village
  • Use your storages as shields, the attacker is not going to achieve your loot
  • Unfold your spring traps evenly all through the bottom however make sure they’re subsequent to defenses to assist defend in opposition to Hog Riders
  • Make certain there are many decoy holes so the attacker cannot immediately see the place the Large Bombs and different traps are
  • Pull the Large Bombs nearer to the core of the bottom. Attackers could have to make use of Heal Spells early and received’t be capable of heal after Large Bombs go off if they’re near the core
  • Unfold your trash constructing out. Not like the house village you don’t want to guard your useful resource buildings so use them to power attackers to spend extra time chasing them down
  • Place smaller buildings like Builder’s Huts within the corners forcing attackers to both spends troops in the beginning of the raid or danger operating out of time because the scurry from nook to nook on the finish
  • Break up excessive precedence defenses and Heroes as much as diminish the general worth the attacker will get from their kill squad
  • Contemplate the Anti-Three War Base design in City Corridor 9 and 10
  • Use a Tesla Farm both on the other facet of the bottom as City Corridor within the Anti-Three design or to easily overpower troops in key places
  • Use cautious defensive placement to path Balloons away from Air Defenses and to path Hog Riders by means of units of Large Bombs and Spring Traps

That is what you need to keep away from when constructing your War Base

  • Don’t defend your useful resource buildings along with your defenses
  • Don’t place like protection too shut collectively. For instance make sure one Earthquake Spell received’t injury two Air Protection without delay
  • Don’t bunch your entire buildings up collectively with out leaving areas for potential traps. Maintain them guessing particularly on the first assault.
  • Maintain elite defenses off of the outer partitions. Distribute defenses from strongest to weakest, strongest being the core of the bottom. Keep in mind assaults will use spells to beat something on the outer partitions.
  • Don’t set each Inferno Towers to similar setting of the entire X-bows to Floor. Attackers will alter their military composition to compensate
  • Don’t place Large Bombs or Spring Traps all collectively in 1 location. Even when it ends the first raid early it is going to harm you within the 2nd and third assaults in your base
  • Don’t depart holes behind your partitions and lure them hoping to catch attackers off guard. Not like the Home Village they get a couple of likelihood in your base so no methods solely sound defensive postures
  • Keep away from anti-Three bases in TH11.This may give TH9-10 a a lot simpler time getting 2 stars in your TH11 which is enough most often
  • Don’t group Air Traps in giant clusters exterior of the partitions. Attackers will use 1 troop to set off all of them
  • Don’t place your Clan Citadel in  location the place the attacker can drop a single troop contained in the set off zone. Make them work exhausting to set off these CC Troops. It’s so necessary to set off them that good attackers will use as much as 20 housing area of troops and a spell to pull them. That is significantly better than utilizing 1 Barbarian to get the identical outcomes
  • Don’t use well-liked web bases in struggle. If anybody within the different clan acknowledges it they may watch how others have been capable of beat it copy and repeat
  • Don’t use a number of fashions of the identical War Base in struggle. It sounds loopy to even have to say nevertheless it’s a lot too widespread today
  • Don’t use your Home Village as your War Base, particularly not the Home Base they’ve been for the 23 hours in the course of the Prep Day of a Clan War!
  • Don’t copy a high 100 bases in case you wouldn’t have related stage defenses! Max defenses make these bases work, with out maxed defenses these designs will fail on you often!


Conflict of Clans is a posh recreation that enables us as gamers a singular alternative to face out from the group by constructing specialised Home Villages and War Bases. Changing into an professional base builder is simply as necessary and turning into an professional attacker. It additionally provides worth to you because the participant. Elite clans will typically have one or two gamers of their clan that does nothing however construct bases for the gamers that focus extra on the offensive facet of the sport. Altering each your Home Village structure and your War Base design is crucial as the sport introduces new troops into the sport. New troops will quickly translate into new assaults and presumably a brand new Meta so you really want to remain forward of all of it by consistently constructing, rebuilding and tweaking your bases. This is not going to solely allow you to preserve your sources in your Home Village, it may assist your whole clan when your War Base refuses to surrender the three stars even after a number of makes an attempt in struggle!  

Maintain updated with the entire newest Home Village and War Base designs by subscribing to Allclash. I do and I adore it! You’ll obtain the most recent replace data the second it occurs. Additionally come and go to me EZE at our web site ClashMadeEZE and my new YouTube channel EZEstreetGAMING. In case you’re something like me you’ll benefit from the numerous info you’ll obtain from these energetic and fascinating websites! Depart feedback under or feedback in any of the hyperlinks within the article and I’ll reply ASAP

Till subsequent time, take care everyone!- EZE

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