Anathema is arguably the perfect Two-Handed Weapon in recreation, and essentially the most helpful one within the remaining battle. Anathema may also help end the ultimate boss in a few turns, making an hour-long problem into a brief and simple encounter. That is the first cause to purchase this Weapon.


How to Get Anathema

To accumulate this Weapon, you want to full the hunt All In The Family. To acquire this quest, you’ll want to communicate with necromancer Targquin the primary time you board the Lady Vengeance. Yow will discover him locked in Dallis’ room beneath deck. Be certain not kill him, for he’s the important thing on this quest (and a few others).

While you arrive at Reaper’s Coast, Tarquin will be discovered on the gate of Stonegarden, which is northeast of the place you get off of the ship. Be aware that he’ll seem on the deck of the ship while you first land at Reaper’s Coast, however will then transfer. Communicate with him on the gate to purchase the hunt All In The Household.

Subsequent you will want to examine a household crypt and retrieve one thing for him. The important thing to the household crypt is situated on a petrified sourceress named Qauna discovered within the crypt guarded by the hound (the crypt is shut to and immediately north of the household crypt and is flanked by two knight statues). Solid Bless on Quana contained in the crypt to de-petrify her and she’s going to discuss to you. Both persuade her to provide the key or kill her and take it. When you struggle her she spawns a shit ton of undead, however they may all die if you happen to kill her, so simply focus her down. Optionally, you may lockpick the household crypt door if you happen to didn’t discover the important thing or can’t bothered.


Entrance to household crypt. Both lock decide the door or get the important thing from Quana in a close-by crypt guarded by a hound.

Within the first room of the household crypt, there are two buttons on the wall, you want to get shut to uncover them. Press these the buttons to open the stone gate. It will take you to a second room with a sarcophagus and a few levers, which is adjoining to a 3rd room.

These buttons are situated on reverse partitions on this space. You’ll want first rate Wits to uncover them.

Teleport one in all your companions into the third room and have them step on the strain plate there. Then forged Spirit Vision (Realized in Powerful Awakening). It will reveal three levers on the wall within the second room with the sarcophagus. Pull the levers (middle-left-right) to reveal a secret hatch beneath the sarcophagus. When you have already touched the levers since stepping on the plate within the third room, in another order, then you definately want to “reset” the center lever. Pull the center lever till water comes out within the third room, then do left, then do proper.

You gained’t give you the option to see the third stage with out Spirit Imaginative and prescient, so ensure you have it. Order is Center, Left then Proper.

Contained in the hatch you can find a bunch of clay sentinels, gold and chests and one other sarcophagus. Loot all of the gold and chests after which open the sarcophagus to discover the artifact. Be aware that in case your character is a Lizard, he/she’s going to acknowledge the language it says on it. While you strive to go away the tomb, all clay sentinels will come to life and assault you so make sure you’re prepared for the struggle. Report to Tarquin, he’ll inform you one other piece of artifact is on Bloodmoon Island.

While you journey to the Bloodmoon Island, yow will discover a hatch on its northeast nook, however you want excessive Wits to spot it buried.

Hatch’s location on Bloodmoon Island. It’s all the best way to the Northeast.

Contained in the hatch, is the opposite half of the artifact on a altar.

The second piece is on the altar right here.

When you have got each halves of the artifact, discuss to Tarquin as soon as extra. Typically he’s not on the gate of Stonegarden, and yow will discover him on the deck of the Girl Vengeance.

One you attain The Arx and do the hunt A King Reborn, confront Targquin within the Hall of Echoes and he provides you with the Anathema. Anathema offers virtually twice the injury than different Two-Handed Weapon, making among the weapon based mostly expert insanely highly effective. Nonetheless, it has just one Sturdiness and can break after killing one enemy. Reserve it for the final boss and make fast work of him.

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