Patch 1.4 was rolled out for LawBreakers not too long ago with Boss Key Productions intent on altering the well being system of the sport. The studio discovered that folks had been dying too shortly so to fight that challenge all characters have had their well being raised, that means gamers ought to be experiencing much more time in matches than the spawn display.

Additonally a brand new map referred to as Namsan has been added to the sport, together with every day login rewards, higher group spawning, and extra choices for matchmaking. You possibly can learn by the intensive listing of modifications beneath which additionally contains modifications to characters.


New Map – Namsan!
New Characteristic – Every day login rewards!
Earn 50 Creds the primary time you go online to LawBreakers for the day.
New Characteristic – Workforce spawning logic in all modes!
New Characteristic – Extra matchmaking choices!
Gamers will now have the next choices to queue for:
Targets – Play matches in all the present objective-based modes.
*NEW* Skirmish – Workforce Deathmatch is now playable as our first restricted time mode!
Fast Match – Seek for matches in each Skirmish and Goal to seek out the quickest one.
NOTE: Fast Match queues you in each Goal and Skirmish Modes to seek out the quickest match. As soon as a match is discovered, you keep in that queue (both Goal or Skirmish) till you allow.



Murderer HP 300 → 400.
Battle Medic HP 350 → 475.
Enforcer HP 400 → 500.
Gunslinger HP 325 → 400.
Harrier HP 350 → 450.
Juggernaut HP 600 → 700.
Titan HP 500 → 600.
Vanguard HP 325 → 425.
Wraith HP 325 → 425.


Murderer zero → 20.
Battle Medic 10 → 35.
Enforcer zero → 20.
Gunslinger zero → 20.
Harrier zero → 20.
Juggernaut zero → 20.
Titan zero → 20.
Vanguard zero → 20.
Wraith zero → 20.


“We’re buffing up the range on the Arc Blades and pulling back the damage on the Romerus charge shot in order to shift Assassin’s play style a bit more towards her bread and butter melee.”
Arc Blade’s melee vary elevated from 400 → 425.
Romerus alt-fire projectile injury diminished from 27 → 25.
Sprint journey pace diminished from 2500 → 2200.


“Battle Medic’s win rate shows way too much impact on the outcome of games, despite having lackluster damage output. Instead of gutting their healing abilities, we decided instead to buff up the rest of our roles by adding the new out of combat health regen. To help compensate Battle Medic, we’ve given them some more direct damage on their lobber grenades and did a full tuning pass on their mobility. They no longer suffer from increased gravity and should be more agile when moving around the map. We also want to encourage Medics to get into the fray more with their teammates, so we’ve pulled in the range on the Support Drone’s and given them a bit more health to help survive up close.”
Eliminated elevated gravity modifier.
Assist Drone vary decreased from 5100 → 4000.
Lobber grenade direct hit injury elevated from 135 → 145.


“We’re shifting some of Enforcer’s power out of his Bloodhound Rockets and into the rest of his kit. For a while the “memehounds” have been merely doing method an excessive amount of injury for a way simple they’re to make use of, bordering on being a win-button. We’ve diminished the variety of salvos fired to make them simpler to dodge and lowered the injury per salvo to make them much less punishing when hit. In alternate we’re giving a bunch again to the Aerator and Distortion Area when it comes to extra accuracy, sooner reloads and higher mobility.”
Aerator minimal unfold decreased from zero.35 → zero.
Aerator most unfold decreased from three.75 → three.25.
Badger ammo per clip elevated from 6 → 7.
Distortion Area’s default lively length elevated from four → 6 seconds.
Distortion Area’s buff bonus to reload & weapon swap speeds has been elevated from 25% → 35%.
Lowered acceleration pace whereas Distortion Area is lively from 5000 → 2500.
*NEW* Enforcer can now use double leap even when distortion discipline just isn’t lively.
Gas regeneration time decreased from 10 → 7 seconds.
Bloodhound Rocket’s ammo has been diminished from four → three salvos.
Bloodhound Rocket’s injury per rocket (four per salvo) has been decreased from 40 → 38


“Gunslinger’s have been annihilating everything in their path since they were buffed back in patch 1.1. Even though we pulled back on his damage a bit since then, those changes didn’t go far enough and so we’re doubling back and trimming more damage off of the Omega. We’re also fixing a longstanding issue where releasing the Omega charge shot early would cause you to always get the minimum damage.”
Omega’s absolutely charged max injury decreased from 150 → 130.
Omega’s base injury with no cost decreased from 85 → 70.
*NEW* Omega’s injury now correctly ramps up primarily based upon cost length.
Omega’s base injury with no cost headshot multiplier elevated from 1.1 → 1.5.
Omega’s injury throughout a Warp combo elevated from 45 → 70


“We’ve added a Blocker scoring event to reward Juggernaut players for using his Holo-Deflector effectively. We also added a Cross-checked event for getting kills with his specialty charge attack.”
*NEW* Juggernaut Scoring Occasions:
Blocker – awarded for absorbing 300 enemy injury with the Holo-Deflector.
Cross-checked – awarded for getting a kill with the Juggernaut’s Cost into Alt-fire melee assault.


“We want Vanguard’s to be able to escape sticky situations using their mobility, but not necessarily have the fastest top speed in the game.”
Afterburner’s high pace diminished from 2500 → 2200.
Afterburners acceleration pace elevated from 4000 → 5000.


“Wraith’s free mobility spam has broken every design rule we have in the game, complete with instant cooldown refreshes and infinite stab dashing. To keep him in check we’ve had to undertune the rest of his kit, which has left him feeling subar both to play as and to play against. We’re pulling the trigger on some mobility restrictions for Wraith that allows us to open up the rest of his kit. First, Wraith will no longer immediately regenerate triple jump charges upon hitting the ground. Second, the lunge associated with the Wasp is now on a 3 second cooldown. You’ll still be able to stab while it’s on cooldown, but there will be no forward impulse and the damage will be significantly reduced. On the buffs train we’re loading up improvements for almost every other aspect of the kit, with more damage on the Spektor, Slide Kick and Stinger, and a longer Key ability duration.”
*NEW* Triple leap now generates one cost upon touchdown, and subsequent prices after a zero.5 second delay.
*NEW* three second cooldown on the Wasp Stab lunge
Spektor’s injury per bullet elevated from 24 → 25.
Spektor’s minimal unfold decreased from → zero.35.
Spektor’s injury falloff vary decreased from 1200 → 600.
Spektor’s unfold quantity on bullets after three bullets have been shot elevated from 2 → three per bullet.
Spektor’s ammo elevated from 25 → 30;
Stinger’s single goal injury with a direct hit elevated from 150 → 175.
Stinger’s journey pace elevated from 8000 → 9000.
Slide Kick injury elevated from 25 → 75.
Slide Kick journey pace diminished from 1850 → 1700.



*NEW* Workforce Spawning:
We’ve added logic that tries to spawn teammates who died shortly after each other into collections. This implies you’ll extra frequent have some help when heading into battle.
Threshold to spawn is three seconds by default.
Added textual content messaging above the reticle to higher inform the participant of related mode info.
As an example, this message will now inform the ball provider “YOU HAVE THE BALL” in Blitzball.


“Blitzball has been sped up a bit through score limit and overall game time changes. We’ve also added some defensive centric scoring events to help out player who like to defend and counter attack. This also helps all of you unsung heroes playing Juggernaut and Titan as goalies keep up with the speedy scoring roles a bit better.”
Recreation timer diminished to 10 minutes.
Rating restrict diminished to five scores to win.
Improved the sport clock by not counting down whereas ready for the Blitzball to reset.
*NEW* Blitzball Scoring Occasions:
Goaltender – triggers when you find yourself close to the aim and the Blitzball provider dies.
Service Denied – triggers whenever you kill the provider close to the aim.
We’ve additionally added bonus factors for the individual that scores the Blitzball.


UI –

Mounted a problem the place the “Out of Bounds” warning might get caught on the display.
Mounted quite a few points the place achievement icons had been lacking info.
Mounted quite a few points the place achievement icons had been minimize off in announcement home windows.
Mounted participant’s well being bars typically not updating when spectating one other participant.
Mounted the profile icon border typically changing into offset in the course of the Finish of Match display.


Mounted a problem the place the beginning button wouldn’t perform for a time frame after finishing a match.


Mounted a problem the place gamers had been pressured to disconnect and reconnect to the Discord Consumer to be heard.
Mounted a problem the place the sport might doubtlessly cling throughout gameplay as a result of extreme audio calls.
Mounted Blitzball time beyond regulation audio announcer message enjoying when leaping off the map whereas in time beyond regulation.
Mounted audio cue points in Overcharge and Uplink the place they could not play correctly throughout your first match.


Battle Medic
Mounted a problem with Blindfiring Firefly instantly after reloading would end in 2 power prices getting used as a substitute of 1.
Mounted a problem the place the TAC Knife’s melee assault might headshot sure characters for bonus injury
Mounted a problem the place the laser VFX would stay caught.
Mounted a problem the place Starfall can be interrupted in mid air as a result of digital camera collisions.


Mounted a problem the place gamers had been unable to rejoin a match by way of the “Join” button after they’d been disconnected.


Mounted a problem the place the “Reset to Default” possibility was not all the time working appropriately.


Sandbox Tutorial has seen a number of enhancements to Ideas, Goal Pathing, and Bot efficiency.
*NEW* Gameplay suggestions now show in recreation.
The “Find Match UI” will now all the time present in the course of the finish of recreation expertise to let gamers know that they’re nonetheless looking out, or if they’ve been booted from the sport foyer.
Leaving a match throughout warmup or between matches phases don’t depend in opposition to participant’s consecutive match bonus timer.
Outdated variations of the sport are not capable of enter matchmaking
*NEW* Mixed the tip of match private outcomes and scoreboard screens into a brand new unified outcomes display.
Improved stability of the consumer and server.
Lowered hitches associated to rubbish assortment.
Mounted a problem the place the sport server wouldn’t instantly take away a participant after they disconnected.
Mounted a problem the place a number of gamers could possibly be awarded MVP.