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We’re creeping ever closer to Gamescom and with that, there’s an expected amount of silence on the beta front, but there’s still new things for the MMO Alpha and Beta list this week.

Two Kickstarter campaigns we were following ended this week. Ad Astra Periclum failed to reach their goal, but Feudal Feud successfully funded, so we’ll be continuing to watch its development.

Lineage Eternal has been delayed once again.

Tree of Life

This weekend Valnir Rok is holding another Alpha weekend.

We also stumbled upon Zombie Barricades which is currently in alpha testing.

This week we also learned about Virtual Earth Online which is currently in open beta.

Guild Wars 2’s expansion Path of Fire is holding a preview weekend this weekend. It’s open to the public and all you have to do to take part is log in to the game. There will be a beta character slot which you will be able to create a character in.

Finally, Tree of Life has announced they will be launching on August 17th.


As always you can find all of this and so much more in the list below. Keep an eye out for a new  flag which shows what is new this week.


Pre-alpha and Alpha

Zombie Barricade


Early Access




Closed Beta

Hyper Universe

Hyper Universe


Open Beta

Virtual Earth Online



star citizen like eve online

Star Citizen


Announced But Unplayable

Ship of Heroes Kickstarter

Ship of Heroes

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