The PlayStation Plus April 2017 games lineup has only been partially revealed, with the next list of PS4, PS3 and PS Vita titles set to be announced later this week.

PS4 PRO Update

Sony has already announced plans to make new PS4 game Drawn to Death available to PlayStation Plus subscribers in April.

And in case you were wondering when the rest of the PlayStation Plus freebies will be announced, Sony will likely release the news on or around, Wednesday, March 29.

Sony also usually make their announcements in the afternoon, around 5pm UK time.

However, as previous months have taught us, PS Plus freebies tend to leak out early, so it’s worth checking back on March 27 onwards.

There’s still one slot left for Sony to announce in their PS4 lineup and hopefully it will prove to be a corker. It will need to be if the tech giant don’t want to lose out to Microsoft in March.

April’s Games with Gold lineup includes Ryse: Son of Rome, Walking Dead Season 2, Darksiders and Assassin’s Creed Revelations. And thanks to Backwards Compatibility, all four games can be played on Xbox One.

Sony have teased in the past that they may look to make an additional PlayStation VR title available as part of their monthly PlayStation Plus roster.

This has yet to happen, however, the company continues to add new compatible PS4 VR games, with PlayStation VR headsets still selling well.

Ghostbusters: Now Hiring was unexpectedly released for PS4 VR fans this week, providing fans of the classic film series the chance to catch ghosts with the rest of the team.

The new Ghostbusters titles can be found via the PlayStation Store, following a new trailer for the game being released.

“The Ghostbusters need your help. Step into and explore the iconic Ghostbusters firehouse, where you’ll meet Mooglie for the first time. Plus, get up close and personal with everyone’s favorite troublemaker, Slimer!” the official games description reads.

As described above, the new title is being released in chapters, with the first taking place at the Firehouse.

And it’s not the only new title being launched by PlayStation soon, with a Retro-styled RTS, including campaign and both co-op and competitive multiplayer coming to the PlayStation VR on March 28.

Korix will place gamers deep in space, fighting for their race’s survival after their homeworld is destroyed. With nothing left to lose you are put in the role of commander with the sole mission of taking the fight back to the enemy.

Korix may also be one of the first games to be optimised to run at 120fps natively on both PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 4 Pro.

The new PlayStation VR title has been confirmed to include a single player campaign, skirmish mode and online multiplayer (2 to 4 players in co-op or vs).

“Korix has been a real labour of love over the past year with my sole goal being to release a game with old-school gameplay reminiscent of RTS’s from the late 90’s on PlayStation VR,” a message from developer Mark Taylor explains.

“I am so excited to see Korix released and more importantly, I finally get to play with you!”

It has also been announced that Headmaster on PlayStation VR has been given a big multiplayer Party mode update, including nine new levels.

While fans waiting to hear more about the new PS4 games expansion being worked on, the development team at Guerrilla Games have announced a new patch has been launched.