PSN down as Rocket League servers and other online games go offline. Service status updates right here.

PS4 Pro Update

[UPDATE 3] PSN down reports still coming in (11pm GMT), but relating to certain servers, including those of EA with players getting kicked out games. Appears to be stability issues throughout the day.

[UPDATE 2] PSN still suffering with server issues (9pm GMT) for some players. Sony reports no problems.

[UPDATE 1 ] Looks like the servers were only offline temporarily. Most users reporting that the PSN is back online. We’re online in the UK.

[ORIGINAL] The PSN is down temporarily with many users unable to access various online series.

We were right in the middle of a Rocket League game but the servers are currently offline. Starting around 6.50pm GMT, online matches ceased as players were unable to connect. As far as we can see there is no scheduled maintenance planned.

PlayStation Network services affected include:

  • Account Management
  • Gaming And Social
  • PlayStation Now
  • PlayStation Video
  • PlayStation Vue
  • PlayStation Store
  • PlayStation Music

The official PlayStation Network (PSN) service status says that all services are up and running, so it may only be affecting certain territories.

Is PSN down for you? Let us know in the comments below. Stay tuned for updates.