Destiny 2 will gear up and form a strike team starting 8th September if a leaked retail poster is to be believed. The image shows artwork of three Guardians alongside the game’s logo and an 8th September release date. That’s a Friday, and while big new games sometimes drop earlier in the week to coincide with North America, it doesn’t seem out of the realm of possibility really.


Also worth noting is that there appears to be PlayStation branding on the poster, potentially confirming that Sony has the marketing deal for the sequel yet again. The only thing that gives us pause is the enormous emphasis on the ‘2’ in the logo, but given the number of expansions that Destiny has received, it seems reasonable that Bungie would want to hammer home the fact that this is a fresh start.

Update (12:45PM GMT): Another image of the poster has emerged, this time indicating that pre-orders will come with beta access.

Update (14:15PM GMT): Kotaku’s gone on record saying that the poster is real and that Bungie’s aiming for an announcement today. It’s also believed that a beta will come to the PS4 in June.