Game companies don’t always do a bang up job of promoting their games or pitching their merits, but a new trailer for upcoming Switch-exclusive DLC in I Am Setsuna is a pretty bad example.

It may be branded a ‘teaser’, but see how much you learn from the video below.

Coming soon to the Nintendo Switch version of I Am Setsuna is an exciting new party on party colosseum battle mode DLC called the ‘Temporal Battle Arena’! Bring your strongest of Setsuna’s guardians to claim rewards as level advantages will be enabled! I Am Setsuna is available now on Nintendo Switch from the Nintendo eShop.

Weirdly, a section on the Nintendo game page that said something similar is now gone, so Square Enix has decided retrospectively to tease out the DLC’s release. What we know from previous information (which isn’t easily found on the game’s official website or social media accounts) is that the DLC is expected to be free and allows you to upload your best teams as battle data. Likewise when you play you’ll be matched up with other players’ teams that have been uploaded, duking it out for some nice rewards.

It should be a decent addition when it arrives, especially once early adopters start to wrap up the main campaign. We’ll keep an eye out for the DLC’s release.