In a press release given out by Demon Sword Games asks the question, ‘What is Trajectory Platformer.’ They even go as ‘BUT WHAT DOES THAT EVEN MEAN!?!?’ While I’m not sure that many punctuation marks are needed to explain Super Spring Ninja, the concept is indeed interesting.


Super Spring Ninja Date

The team describe the genre as a mix up between Angry Birds and Super Meat Boy. It’s got the angle based launching of the former and the hazard based dodging of the latter. You use your mouse to set up trajectory based jumps and try to reach the end of the stage. Luckily time slows down when you’re in this mode and there’s blood-filled, docile ninjas to show you the right path to take.

With the usual arrangement of indie hazards including buzz saws, lasers, and buzz saws on sticks, Super Spring Ninja looks like it gets crazy quickly. And as someone who wasn’t very good at Angry Birds, it feels like the trajectory part of this trajectory platformer is going to have a bit of a learning curve.

The game just released on Steam and is going for $2.99 USD. It’s actually 25% off as well until March 17th. The ‘vanilla’ version of the game started as a Newgrounds game which would explain the low price tag for the ‘super’ version. Even though the graphics leave a little to be desired, the gameplay looks quite interesting and there was an addictive quality to the early flash game.

You can check out the Steam trailer below. Will you be getting out your protractor from your school days to prepare for the Ninja’s quest?